Sunday, February 19, 2012

The times they are a-changin'

Hello friends!

Well - a lot has been happening. For starters... I finished college! I am now officially a graduate with a Diploma in Photoimaging. Hurrah! I had an amazing time last year at college, and I'm quite sad it's over... but onwards and upwards!

We had our graduate exhibition last week and I was so, so excited to be awarded the Fibonacci Award by my college, which is an award named after the 12th century mathematician, and stands for creative excellence and inspiration. Gah! I was so excited and am so thankful to have won an award.

In other news, I had a new blog! But don't worry, this blog is staying active as well. The new blog will act a little more like a website for me, i'm currently working on developing a proper website but while I do that I needed one to get by. So please head over and visit to see my final portfolio and head there for updates on all things photography.

As for my lovely blog that you are currently on, I will keep posting my photos here, but I think I'll start writing a bit more, being a bit more personal and hopefully if I have a bit of time I'll be able to do a few things especially for this blog, like some street style shots around Sydney, photography tips, etc etc! So be sure to stay tuned here!

I've been a bit behind when it comes to doing, editing and posting shoots, but I will hopefully get back into that soon. However, I'm going on a little holiday tomorrow! Just for a week. So you won't hear from me until then.

And until then, have a lovely week!