Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shibori in Frankie Magazine!

Hello friends!

Well this week has been a very exciting one for me! Last month the amazing ladies at Shibori asked me to photograph an ad for them that this week appeared in... Frankie Magazine! Gahh! Anyone who knows me well will know that Frankie is my favourite magazine and it's one of my photography goals to shoot for them!
Well getting published in an ad in Frankie is a step closer to that dream, and I'm so excited!

Not to mention, I realised today that Frankie goes all around the world.. so if you get Frankie mag, open up to page 74 to check out my shots on the Shibori ad!!!

I'll be putting photos up from the Shibori shoot soon! I have about a million shoots to wade through hence why it's been so quiet on my blog at the moment, but note that I have been busy shooting, so there will be more posts soon!

Have a lovely day!

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