Monday, November 21, 2011


Oh my gosh, what a ridiculously busy week I have had! I've had a shoot practically every day, and it was my birthday too! I'm 22 - I think that officially makes me an adult now. 21 is more like... 21 "i'm an adult" but 22 is like... wow, i'm really an adult now. Argh? Someone called me a 'grown up' the other day.

Ah well! Here are some shots of Elisabeth that I took yesterday with help from MUA Natalie. Guess who we were channeling for this shoot? Haha, it's not too hard I think :p 

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amy said...

The photographs are good! I love the models hair.

Happy birthday birthday! Welcome to Adulthood, I'm on my way there..

sending you happy spells
hope to hear from you..x