Friday, August 5, 2011

Photographer of the week: Katie Eleanor

Hi everyone!

Today I'm starting a new feature for my blog on photographers who are inspiring me! With this photography course I'm studying, they have me looking at a lot more photographers and creating a 'visual diary' - so I'm just crazy at checking out what other photographers of my style (or not) are doing at the moment!

So today we're starting off with Katie Eleanor from Katie and the Mimzy. I instantly fell in love with her dreamy and fantastical style, and I think you might too... here are some of my favourite photos of hers, plus a short q&a with Katie!

Name Katie Eleanor 
Age 17
Location Between Kent and London, England
Tell us a little about yourself... I am a child of the moon and there are flowers in my blood.

How would you describe your style of photography? I want to create dreamscapes, and I think I am evolving in that direction.
When did you first take that photo that made you realise you might actually want to be a photographer? I remember it being some quite boring self portraits I took nearly two years ago, I knew I wanted to be a photographer long before that but it was those self portraits that made me think that I had a fighting chance.  

How did you first get into photography? Have you studied, or are you self taught? I taught myself and experimented for a long long time, well I really still am and always will be. Last September I joined a school where I could also study it, something I am thankful for as this has given me access to all kinds of equipment I'd never be able to use otherwise.

What is one of your favourite photos you've taken, and why? It's difficult but possibly still this:

 I think it beings to represent everything I want my images to be, something I will grow into over my lifetime.

What is your favourite photo you've taken in the past month or two? Most recently, probably this, for the same reason as above.

What's your favourite lens? My 85mm 1.8, we work hand in hand.
What aspects make a perfect photo shoot for you? Being on the same page as my team, and having a beautiful team to be on the same page with. To be shooting a muse, to feel like I'm injecting my sheer imagination into that muse.
What do you always have with you on a photo shoot other than your camera? Biscuits. Models are always more likely to want to dress up when there are biscuits.

Before a photo shoot what (if anything) do you prepare? Props, mood boards, call sheets, and my frame of mind.
Do you have a 'shot list' you plan out before a shoot or do you just kind of.. go with the flow? It depends heavily on the shoot, I usually have one, maybe two, shots in my head. I feel a lot more nervous walking into a shoot completely blindly, it usually means the shoot doesn't inspire me.

What's inspiring you at the moment? Water, faeries, damaged film, and David Hamilton.

Any tips for other photographers or aspiring photographers? Give into your imagination, into the deepest, darkest, corners there, and see the muses you uncover.

Any additional comments? Thank you for your lovely feature, now go create beautiful things.

Thanks to Katie for sharing with us, and if you'd like to check her out you can go to her... websiteblog or flickr.

Readers - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this little feature and if you have any questions you'd like me to ask photographers! :)


The Green Fairy said...

Beautiful! I love the softness of her images, like all the models were posing in a mass of clouds. Love it!

Charliet said...

aw this is marvellous! <3

lusine said...

lovely pics!

Romi said...

She's my fav too! :)