Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Consumerist whores! (sorry Jess :P)

Hi all! Sorry sorry sorry for no updates - gah, crazy crazy crazy busy!

So we're having an exhibition at college and last week I was finalising/re-shooting images. The jist of the exhibition is that we've been split into groups, and each group has it's own concept. Ours is 'consumerism' and we have to do our own take on it!

I've gone with consumerist whores (not actually, I just kept calling my models that when they were dressed up in their consumerist clothes :P) and what I'm showing is a series of two images together - one of the girl when she has been taken over with the need to consume, and one where she has let it go.

I won't post the images that will be going in the exhibition yet (there are four of them), but I will post this as a little... teaser. I took this for the exhibition but it's not going in unfortunately (especially considering circumstances which I will write about further on :P)

So... wait for the images that are going in the exhibition cos they'll be better than this, haha! (When I say that, i mean it will be better photography wise. Model wise, Jess is brilliant and also a babe! :P)

So, there's quite the story behind this image. I asked Jess to play fluffy bunny and eat lots of marshmallows in a photo for me and she said yes, yay! So we were setting up the shoot at Jess's house, had tried a few shots in the kitchen and I decided I wanted to take photos in the outdoor hallway type thing that Jess had out the back. Problem was, there were two of her housemates very big dogs in the hall - so we had to get them out into the yard. Also, it had been raining. So we went into the hall and as the dogs were quite interested in me, the newcomer, I went into the backyard to lure them out of the hall. Jess stood by the door, and while carrying my camera with body, L series lens and flash I decided it would be a good idea to run back into the hall so Jess could close the door behind me.
As you might have guessed, running on wet tiles isn't the best idea. So I got into the hall, Jess closed the door as I slid along the tiles thinking 'oh, it's okay, I'll find my balance'... next thing I knew my legs had flown high into the air and I had crashed into the tiles, landing on my back and whacking my head... really hard!
So I was pretty disorientated but I got up, told screaming Jess I was okay and had a glass of water. I picked up my camera, which was just sitting neatly next to me and Jess informed me (I can't remember much :P) that I clung to my camera the whole time I fell and then after I hit the ground I rolled over and carefully placed in next to me (dedication to my craft, anyone?)
Anywho - after calming myself I did the shoot. I'm not sure how, because afterwards I realised I was quite in shock as it was probably the worst 'fall' I had ever had... how embarrassing. My head hurts just thinking about it.
Well, I'm alright now, no concussion and no broken bones by the looks of it... although I did have a very sore head, back, neck and elbows :p
And.. that's my story!

And here's the non-consumerist picture to accompany it.

Thank to Jess for modelling and eating a gross amount of marshmallows!

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maggeygrace said...

Haha, the first picture is so much fun:) If I were her, I would have jumped at the chance to roll around in candy! Hehe! And the second picture is gorgeous- it really captures her spirit!