Sunday, June 12, 2011

We could have had it all

Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of posting last week, I started back at college and it was the most hectic week! And although I did have time, I was so mentally exhausted that I just sat watching tv!
Not to mention my extremely weird day yesterday, on Saturday night I went to bed at about 2am because I was out with my friend Richard, then I woke up at about 7.30am and started pottering around and went to the supermarket. When I was at the supermarket I realised how tired I was, so when I got home I thought I'd have another nap before I started doing anything... and then I woke up at 4.30pm - say whaaa? I was so confused :p But luckily I managed to get to sleep last night again... and now I'm feeling refreshed!

So I thought I would post a few more photos from my photoshoot with my sister for our dad's jewellery company, Baja. If you like what you see, feel free to click the link and follow Baja on Facebook!

Silver and ceramic 'bunch-o-stuff' as we like to call them!
Components in this necklace include a 40mm 'Thai silver' (.98 pure) serrated cherry leaf pendant set among stacks of silver rondelles capped with red coral, and a pair of Greek ceramic spike beads in pale cream. There's also a stack of rare graded antique 'White Heart' beads and 10mm brass gum nut bead tucked in there. The 'White Hearts' are from Venice circa 1890, and feature a rich red glaze over a white core. They're quite rare and valuable in themselves. Ditto the gum nut bead - a recycled vintage Miriam Haskell finding from the American art deco period. All of the other metal components in the piece including links, connectors, beads, chains and clasp are sterling silver. The collection measures roughly 45mmx45mm and is suspended from a 10mm ring under a 27mm tube bail. The necklace includes a quality 46cm (18") Rollo Belcher chain finished with an 11mm lobster claw clasp, and weighs 13.5 grams in total.

I have to admit... I have one of these! And I looooove it! 


Lauren said...

These pictures are amazing, and so is the jewelry!! I love them! Truly incredible!

Sparrow & Urchin

ana▲jonessy said...

I especially love the first and third photos!