Monday, May 30, 2011

Snake, snake, face out an open window

I'm home! Home being... my actual home, in Central West NSW. Gah, it's so nice here, other than being around my loved ones it's just sooo beautiful all the time, I'm definitely a country type. Definitely.

So I'm on a short holiday from college and I've decided that for every day I'm here (other than the days I'm travelling) I'll take a picture, or a series of pictures I'm proud of. So, although today is day 2, I'll post day 1 now. (There's no wireless here, and it's really cold, so I don't go on the internet because the cable is in my room and it's cold in there :P So I'm doing this before bed!)

So here's day one, I went over to Steph's house for tea and treats and we took a few shots and had a general catch up that ended in the usual.. strange conversation.

Here is Steph with her snake. Lookin fiiinnnee! 

Stay tuned for today's photoshoot of my lovely sister :)

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Danielle said...

Brilliant shot!