Monday, May 16, 2011

rhymes of an hour

Hello all! Just thought I'd post with a few photos that we took in the studio today (these first three being of me!)
We're doing high, mid and low key lighting, which basically is... a high key image has lots and lots of white and no shadows, and a low key image has lots of black and lots of shadows! And a mid key has both. (So if you think of a high key image as white, and a low key image as black... then a mid key image is grey :) )

Anywho! Here are our pictures (well, my favourites anyway) - notice I've chosen ones with lens flare in them... I had a bit of an argument with my teacher because I thought they made the photos and he, for the most part disagreed - but that's just people's different taste!

I think these shots will probably look like nothing with a dark monitor... so if you don't see any lens flare (the little green and red dots) on the photo maybe try adjusting your screen to brighter to view these pictures :)

We also did a high key lighting set up and used one of our classmates, Grace, who is a perfect candidate considering she's quite pale with white hair :p Here are some pics I took of her...

straight teeeeeettthhhh.

That's all for today :)

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Riccardo said...

I really like the lens flare! initially I thought it must have been taken outside with lights from a house or something in the distance. very cool