Monday, May 16, 2011

Lighting project

Goood eeveenniinnng everyone!

This is a photo I took on the weekend for my Lighting Principles end of term project. Our task was to recreate the lighting design of a photo we liked (but we all recreated every little bit of the photo we liked!)

Taking this photo was quite the stressful one, as the lighting wasn't quite working out as I had planned it so I had to improvise, but thanks to the help of my lovely model, Lydia, and my assistant and... location... owner, Richard and hair, makeup and stylist Hanli I think we did it!

The photo I was recreating is one by Patrick Demarchelier that you can view here (I'd rather not compare mine right next to his - that's just unfair to me! Hahaha :p)

Anywho - hopefully you like it! I'd love to hear feedback!

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Dusty said...

I can't tell the difference. Which one is yours again?