Monday, May 9, 2011

if we go insane

Recently I packed up my camera and took off, attempting to escape Sydney and the horrible uninspiring greyness :p And I did! I went down south, ended up in Royal National Park, where I stumbled upon this cute little town called Bundeena. It was a coastal town with a few cafes and shops. I took some photos there, enjoying the quiet and the scenery, then stopped over in Audrey, a little... town/park that had a river! I think rivers may be my favourite body of water, especially seeing as I've been watching so much Northern Exposure, which has a lot of river locations. The idea of sailing down a peaceful river in a rowboat or something... ahhh (that's a good ahh not a bad ahh).

Anywho, here are a few shots from the day! I left so suddenly that I didn't get any models to come with me, so I had to be my own model...

A little semi secluded bay with a nice view of the city and cronulla, and lots of boats passing by!

And for the record...

Dress: Quick Brown Fox
Compass pendant: Elvis4Cleo in Newtown

Keep an eye out for more photos coming up, I've been quite busy taking photos last week and I will be this week too!


Riccardo said...

wow, seriously good selfies here, especially the first one. Is always nice to escape the city for some space and inspiration :)

Ali said...

it's so good to get out of the city sometimes. the rocks by the water look awesome