Monday, April 18, 2011

there is a girl in new york city who calls herself the human trampoline

Helllloooo bloggers!

Last week was so busy, assignments, internet broken, more assignments, ahh ahh ahhhh! But I'm all done with assignments for 4 weeks or so, so hurrah!

For homework for Vis Com this week we had to do a surrealist self portrait (photography). I don't know if this is technically surrealist, but i was going on the whole dream thing so this is what I did!

I haven't done a digital art type manipulation in so long, and i definitely don't do much of that anymore, so i'm not sure about it for those reasons... but.. yeah :p

Taking the photo for this was definitely a lot of fun though! I wanted to actually fall, not fake fall, but the problem was I couldn't just do it on my bed cos I knew i would break the slats when I landed! And I don't have a big trampoline or anything, so my sister Rennie, who was staying with me this weekend, had the idea of taking the mattress off the bed so we didn't break anything :p

So that's what we did, and I decided to take it outside - but considering my backyard is concrete I knew I'd probably still be able to feel the hardness underneath the mattress, so we took off all the lounge cushions and stacked it up really high! Long story short, it was really comfortable, and not at all as scary as trying to 'fall' on a trampoline (i've done it, it hurts!)

So here is the shot we used...

Falling so you actually look like you're falling through the air is harder than it looks! I wanted to look like I was asleep, so I needed to look relatively relaxed, but your instinct is to hold out your arms to catch your fall, and your legs don't go up very high naturally so you've gotta kick them up. I'm actually quite impressed with my falling capabilities, except I do have a really sore arm today, and everytime I landed on my back it would wind me and knock out all my breath! :p

And Rennie had a few turns of course :p


Kiwi Ivashkov said...

Hahaha! Looks like you guys, especially Rennie had a lot of fun!! I am so envious of you guys! I've been on a trampoline only once and i LOVED it! HA, i should try this sometime!I loved your pictures too!:D you think its safe to land face first on a trampoline??

Gracie said...

you've only been on a trampoline once? that's crazy! i used to do gymnastics and we had a trampoline when i was growing up :p
facefirst trampoline is not fun - you've gotta land on your stomach :p but mattress are much softer than trampolines, trampolines hurt if you don't land right!