Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sydney street art

Hey blogaloggers! Today Hanli and I went on a bus tour of some popular street art locations around Sydney, conducted by Pine Street Creative Studio. I found it really fascinating and absolutely great to get to know some of the more colourful parts of the city (keep tuned for photoshoots arising in these spots!)
Anywho, I took along my camera of course so here are some of my favourite shots!


The Green Fairy said...

I think that tunnel was the ste for a shoot by the Follow

coooool picss

Richard said...

I think ive seen that fat man with the boxes in his belly somewhere before... Awesome shots!

Simoana said...

These are awesome!!!

I wandered the midsts of Melbourne last year in a similar quest . . . .the street art. I am not really a big fan of big cities, but art like this makes it all well worth it!!!

My favourite is the girl with the "dreads" on what appears to be a garage door!Love that colour!