Friday, April 29, 2011

Northern Exposure

So, sorry about the lack of photos and such, but I just had to do a post about Northern Exposure, because I'm a little obsessed at the moment.

If you haven't watched the TV show from the 90s, Northern Exposure, then I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you're into quaint, quirky tv shows. It's set in a small town in Alaska, I've watched it a lot in the past but I've just been re-watching the first few seasons, and I'm obsessed!

I think there's something about small remote towns that really fascinates me, and since getting back into it I've decided that I want to go to Alaska and document (photography wise) some of the quirky little towns there! I'm not sure what it's actually like, and obviously me getting to Alaska is a long way away, but I just thought I'd have a yarn about it here :p But in my opinion, these funny little towns have a really friendly nature to them but also some really interesting personalities.

Also, I'm desperately in love with one of the characters, Chris, so I suppose I also secretly hope I'm going to go there and find a Chris of my own :p

Aaand, I also think that when you're sitting in a little house in Sydney and all you're used to seeing is big grey buildings and traffic... you kind of long for that sort of amazing scenery.

Growing up in a 'rural' town (40,000 people, not that rural), when I got my license I would just drive around the outer parts of town, trying to land myself in some places that wouldn't have been stumbled upon that often. I think there's something about seeing the less seen, and documenting it for others to see. Because there's so many amazing places in the world, and all we see are the ones around us and the popular tourist locations... I want to see the hidden beauties! And I don't want to make then tourist attractions or anything... but I just want to how... I suppose.. that the world and nature is beautiful and instead of trodding along the beaten track you can explore and find the little interesting places that really are beautiful and unique!

I always have had the urge to drive around and visit some strange rural towns in Australia, I'm starting to think I should!

Because, to be honest, I've seen enough pictures of the Eiffel Tower... and I don't think there's that much more to see when it comes to the Eiffel Tower. But stumbling across somewhere you've never heard of or seen before... amazing!  And meeting people, it's all about meeting interesting people. And you don't have to go to remote areas to meet interesting people, but I think the city is very... superficial.

So... the moral of this story is... watch Northern Exposure and... seek the unknown :p the good unknown.


Aida Pottinger said...

Hey Gracie - why not go for a grant to go to the antarctic - see

Gracie said...

haha, i would, but the antarctic is a little TOO rural for me :p i'm thinking places that are still livable :p