Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting to know me, getting to know all about me

Hi blog-aloggers! So thanks to all that answered my poll, it seems that the things you want to see most of from me is fashion, outfit posts and general stuff about me! Which kind of surprises (and flatters?) me seeing as I just assumed that most people don't wanna hear about me and just wanna see the pretty pictures. But I suppose I like the personal side of people's blogs so.. okay!

(In other news, it seems that you don't want to see still life's and you really don't want to see live music photography :p unfortunately, I'm shooting for Faster Louder... so you're going to keep seeing them! :p Hahaha, so sorry.)

I also got a lot of votes for 'writing' which was a bit of a surprise - I'll try my best though!

Anyway - so... let's do some 'general stuff about me' today, seeing as I don't have any fashion or outfit shots to show you.

I would, however, like to show you this...

Best. book. ever.

Now... me... me... about me. Well! How about I do one of those '15 things about me' that I did like a year ago... but I'll make it different things.

1. I'm currently studying a Diploma of Photoimaging in Sydney - it's so exciting, and I'm learning so much!
2. This is the first year that I've lived out of home, away from my parents.
3. Since moving out of home I've developed a bit of a germ fear :p Not a phobia, just a bit of a fear :p
4. The city is driving me a little bit crazy. I like the people everywhere and the variety and the opportunities. I love that I can go to cool events with cool like minded people. However, I'm a bit of a nature girl and I can't seem to think properly without nature all around me. And I love on location photography, but it's hard to find the types of locations i love in an urban area! Unfortunately in Sydney what they call 'parks' are actually just big blocks of buildings, and this is their excuse for a playground...

5. Okay, I'm being a little bit harsh on Sydney here - but I have come to realise that I am a country/regional type of person.
6. I think that some of my struggles with city living revolve around the fact that, although I have all these opportunities for fun things to do... i find myself doing a lot of what i would do at home in orange, relaxing and computing :p But I do get out on the weekends to fun events... if they're free? (Did I mention I'm a poor uni student now)
7. I shoot on a Canon EOS 7D, I have three different lenses, a standard L series zoom, a prime and a wide angle.
8. My prime lens is a cheapo 50mm f1.8 ef-s lens (cost $150) and although people talk about it being crap, I stand by that lens! There's just something about it that gives photos a real arty look and I looooove it! I also love my other lenses, but I'm just saying, if you wanna get into portrait/fashion type photography then get it! immediately!
9. I think when it comes to photography I would probably most like to get into fashion, editorial portrait and fine art. I say editorial portrait because i absolutely love portraiture, but I'd love to do more in the editorial area where I'm taking a photo of someone to let a bit of their personality shine through for a particular reason... if you catch my drift. Not just happy snap portraiture. Another reason I love all of these areas of photography is because they all involve me finding beautiful locations to take photos!
10. I'm not much of a fan of overly photoshopped photos. I know how to use photoshop, and I like to use it, but I believe the magic should be captured in camera and photoshop should only be used a little bit. If I see a photo I love, then find out it's been overly photoshopped, I don't love it anymore.
11. But in saying that, I love digital art!
12. Tonight I'm cooking minestrone soup!
13. I love street art, but not tags or the writing stuff really... but when people get creative, I love it!
14. I really, really love food. Yesterday I forgot to eat lunch... which was like... what?! I never forget to eat lunch. Lunch is a big deal :p
15. If I only have $5 and i need to buy food from the supermarket, I will always buy juice. Juice is extremely important to me. I don't function properly without juice in the morning. I don't drink tea or coffee :p

Hope that wasn't too boring for you! Tell me about yourself!


The Green Fairy said...

For some reason I expected to read something I didn't know about you and then I was like "Oh yeah, that's right. I've known her for OVER THREE QUARTERS OF MY LIFE!" :P Seriously, that's how long I've known you.

Juice is like...awesome as.

I still like my tea better though :p

I was like...Grace..just shutup and put pictures up, but then I remembered the reason I don't feel the need to read about you here is because I read about you on facebook, or you know..talk to you :P And I find you interesting in real life so that's prolly why your lil' bloggin fans wanna read allllll about you.

Aida Pottinger said...

Hey Gracie - Try Lane Cove River Park for some nature in the city!