Friday, April 29, 2011

Northern Exposure

So, sorry about the lack of photos and such, but I just had to do a post about Northern Exposure, because I'm a little obsessed at the moment.

If you haven't watched the TV show from the 90s, Northern Exposure, then I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you're into quaint, quirky tv shows. It's set in a small town in Alaska, I've watched it a lot in the past but I've just been re-watching the first few seasons, and I'm obsessed!

I think there's something about small remote towns that really fascinates me, and since getting back into it I've decided that I want to go to Alaska and document (photography wise) some of the quirky little towns there! I'm not sure what it's actually like, and obviously me getting to Alaska is a long way away, but I just thought I'd have a yarn about it here :p But in my opinion, these funny little towns have a really friendly nature to them but also some really interesting personalities.

Also, I'm desperately in love with one of the characters, Chris, so I suppose I also secretly hope I'm going to go there and find a Chris of my own :p

Aaand, I also think that when you're sitting in a little house in Sydney and all you're used to seeing is big grey buildings and traffic... you kind of long for that sort of amazing scenery.

Growing up in a 'rural' town (40,000 people, not that rural), when I got my license I would just drive around the outer parts of town, trying to land myself in some places that wouldn't have been stumbled upon that often. I think there's something about seeing the less seen, and documenting it for others to see. Because there's so many amazing places in the world, and all we see are the ones around us and the popular tourist locations... I want to see the hidden beauties! And I don't want to make then tourist attractions or anything... but I just want to how... I suppose.. that the world and nature is beautiful and instead of trodding along the beaten track you can explore and find the little interesting places that really are beautiful and unique!

I always have had the urge to drive around and visit some strange rural towns in Australia, I'm starting to think I should!

Because, to be honest, I've seen enough pictures of the Eiffel Tower... and I don't think there's that much more to see when it comes to the Eiffel Tower. But stumbling across somewhere you've never heard of or seen before... amazing!  And meeting people, it's all about meeting interesting people. And you don't have to go to remote areas to meet interesting people, but I think the city is very... superficial.

So... the moral of this story is... watch Northern Exposure and... seek the unknown :p the good unknown.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo of the week

As part of college we have to do a visual diary which is just a diary of images and things that inspire us and really blow our hair back. Generally... photos we like. 

Well I thought I could bring that into my blog by having a... photo of the week! That is, a photo taken by someone other than me, that I really love, posted every week! It could be by a famous photographer, something I stumbled upon on google or a blog, or one by my friends that I really loved.

So this week I'll kick it off with a photo taken by a very good friend of mine, Steph.

It's a self portrait, I thought it was a real cracker! Love the soft focus, light in the eyes, not to mention that Steph is showing some skin here which she never does! Haha! With the hair brushed back I just think it's a very cool, very interesting self portrait. Huzzah!

Monday, April 18, 2011

there is a girl in new york city who calls herself the human trampoline

Helllloooo bloggers!

Last week was so busy, assignments, internet broken, more assignments, ahh ahh ahhhh! But I'm all done with assignments for 4 weeks or so, so hurrah!

For homework for Vis Com this week we had to do a surrealist self portrait (photography). I don't know if this is technically surrealist, but i was going on the whole dream thing so this is what I did!

I haven't done a digital art type manipulation in so long, and i definitely don't do much of that anymore, so i'm not sure about it for those reasons... but.. yeah :p

Taking the photo for this was definitely a lot of fun though! I wanted to actually fall, not fake fall, but the problem was I couldn't just do it on my bed cos I knew i would break the slats when I landed! And I don't have a big trampoline or anything, so my sister Rennie, who was staying with me this weekend, had the idea of taking the mattress off the bed so we didn't break anything :p

So that's what we did, and I decided to take it outside - but considering my backyard is concrete I knew I'd probably still be able to feel the hardness underneath the mattress, so we took off all the lounge cushions and stacked it up really high! Long story short, it was really comfortable, and not at all as scary as trying to 'fall' on a trampoline (i've done it, it hurts!)

So here is the shot we used...

Falling so you actually look like you're falling through the air is harder than it looks! I wanted to look like I was asleep, so I needed to look relatively relaxed, but your instinct is to hold out your arms to catch your fall, and your legs don't go up very high naturally so you've gotta kick them up. I'm actually quite impressed with my falling capabilities, except I do have a really sore arm today, and everytime I landed on my back it would wind me and knock out all my breath! :p

And Rennie had a few turns of course :p

Monday, April 11, 2011


Photo I took today at college of Talia for our surrealism task. Taken at the Opera House.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Well, you asked for more general stuff about me, and this is kind of... a little insight into my life, as well as a bit of a self portrait, as well as homework for college!

We had to take a picture for Vis Com of our bedroom that had pictorial layers in it (aka foreground, middle ground, background'. When we got this homework and I came home to my filthy room I thought the only option really was to play on the whole mess thing.

For the record, I cleaned my room up after I took this photo :p

Saturday, April 9, 2011

202nd blog post!

So I just realised... I've reached 200 blog posts! 202 to be exact, counting this one - I must have missed the 200th!

I thought I'd share with a photo from a past shoot of my good good chum, Zoe! If you've been following my blog or my photography you would recognise this shoot, but I'd never noticed this photo before and I must say I quite like it!

Purple Sneakers

So, back by... zero demand... here is some more live music photography! I went to Purple Sneakers presents: Last Night for Faster Louder... last night.

I'm actually pretty proud of my social shots for the night, we've been studying flash on camera at school and I think I might have finally figured out the secrets to taking a good social shot with front flash!

So... I'll make sure I put them in too!

This band was Little Scout, who I looooveeedd.

And the headliners for the night were Parades!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting to know me, getting to know all about me

Hi blog-aloggers! So thanks to all that answered my poll, it seems that the things you want to see most of from me is fashion, outfit posts and general stuff about me! Which kind of surprises (and flatters?) me seeing as I just assumed that most people don't wanna hear about me and just wanna see the pretty pictures. But I suppose I like the personal side of people's blogs so.. okay!

(In other news, it seems that you don't want to see still life's and you really don't want to see live music photography :p unfortunately, I'm shooting for Faster Louder... so you're going to keep seeing them! :p Hahaha, so sorry.)

I also got a lot of votes for 'writing' which was a bit of a surprise - I'll try my best though!

Anyway - so... let's do some 'general stuff about me' today, seeing as I don't have any fashion or outfit shots to show you.

I would, however, like to show you this...

Best. book. ever.

Now... me... me... about me. Well! How about I do one of those '15 things about me' that I did like a year ago... but I'll make it different things.

1. I'm currently studying a Diploma of Photoimaging in Sydney - it's so exciting, and I'm learning so much!
2. This is the first year that I've lived out of home, away from my parents.
3. Since moving out of home I've developed a bit of a germ fear :p Not a phobia, just a bit of a fear :p
4. The city is driving me a little bit crazy. I like the people everywhere and the variety and the opportunities. I love that I can go to cool events with cool like minded people. However, I'm a bit of a nature girl and I can't seem to think properly without nature all around me. And I love on location photography, but it's hard to find the types of locations i love in an urban area! Unfortunately in Sydney what they call 'parks' are actually just big blocks of buildings, and this is their excuse for a playground...

5. Okay, I'm being a little bit harsh on Sydney here - but I have come to realise that I am a country/regional type of person.
6. I think that some of my struggles with city living revolve around the fact that, although I have all these opportunities for fun things to do... i find myself doing a lot of what i would do at home in orange, relaxing and computing :p But I do get out on the weekends to fun events... if they're free? (Did I mention I'm a poor uni student now)
7. I shoot on a Canon EOS 7D, I have three different lenses, a standard L series zoom, a prime and a wide angle.
8. My prime lens is a cheapo 50mm f1.8 ef-s lens (cost $150) and although people talk about it being crap, I stand by that lens! There's just something about it that gives photos a real arty look and I looooove it! I also love my other lenses, but I'm just saying, if you wanna get into portrait/fashion type photography then get it! immediately!
9. I think when it comes to photography I would probably most like to get into fashion, editorial portrait and fine art. I say editorial portrait because i absolutely love portraiture, but I'd love to do more in the editorial area where I'm taking a photo of someone to let a bit of their personality shine through for a particular reason... if you catch my drift. Not just happy snap portraiture. Another reason I love all of these areas of photography is because they all involve me finding beautiful locations to take photos!
10. I'm not much of a fan of overly photoshopped photos. I know how to use photoshop, and I like to use it, but I believe the magic should be captured in camera and photoshop should only be used a little bit. If I see a photo I love, then find out it's been overly photoshopped, I don't love it anymore.
11. But in saying that, I love digital art!
12. Tonight I'm cooking minestrone soup!
13. I love street art, but not tags or the writing stuff really... but when people get creative, I love it!
14. I really, really love food. Yesterday I forgot to eat lunch... which was like... what?! I never forget to eat lunch. Lunch is a big deal :p
15. If I only have $5 and i need to buy food from the supermarket, I will always buy juice. Juice is extremely important to me. I don't function properly without juice in the morning. I don't drink tea or coffee :p

Hope that wasn't too boring for you! Tell me about yourself!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

new romantic

This week's homework was to take a photo for an album cover in 'gothic' style. I went for a more old gothic art style, and used the beautiful gothic architecture of Sydney University for the photo. Thanks to Hanli for modelling for me and standing so still while I used a slow shutter speed!

Above is the photo I submitted, and below are some others I like!