Tuesday, March 1, 2011

men in skirts

(this is not a man in a skirt)

but this is a very satisfied customer!


kate maggie said...

I was going to say..wow..that guy looks really pretty! hahaha. So cute. Thanks for your comment love bug. I have always wanted to go to NZ. Its on my to do list.

Tamera said...

Hahaha! I was like "that can't be a guy!" Hahaha! You got me! Looks like an interesting book!
Tamera xo
Tamera's Take

Tamera said...

P.S. Following you now and am pretty excited about it!

amy said...

This is SO CUTE!
I love how you've displayed the post.. I thought to myself, that's not a man? *chuckle :)

hope to hear from you*
love amy ^.^

Fashion Smiley said...

great blog :) really like your pictures :)

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