Sunday, February 20, 2011

Frankie Says Relax

Took this photo for Visual Communications homework. We did an exercise where we had to free write whatever came into our heads without stopping for 8 minutes, we then had to pick one word that stood out to us, and it turns out we had to 'photograph' that word! My word was relax, I was actually talking about how I couldn't relax but I'm not having quite so much trouble with that now... so I just took a photo of a little relaxing setting of mine! You see, I have to do about 3 things at once if I want to relax nowadays :p
Anywho, one of my lecturers, Tania, said it was like a self portrait... and I agree.

Also, this is my new room (still obsessed with windows!)


Tamera's Take said...

Haha! 3 things to relax sounds about right for me too! What a great project and picture!
Tamera xo

Kim said...

What a wonderful photo!!!

koralee said...

Thanks for visiting me the other day...I love this photo of yours.