Friday, February 18, 2011


It's funny, I would have thought my blogging would have gone through the roof when I finished up at work and had heaps more time. But I've realised, I blog a lot more when I'm procrastinating! Not that I don't want to blog at the moment, but I'm just having a hard time coming up with content to blog every day! I put this down to the heat, my lack of friends at the moment in Sydney and the heat again.

However, I'd say in a month or less I'll be back to blogging in full swing, especially considering I just finished my first week of college! Woo!

First week was good, didn't get to take many photos but that's not a surprise, we're just learning the basics at the moment. I'm really quite excited about my visual communications subject, and Lighting Techniques is interesting me a lot too.

Any who, these pictures aren't particularly exciting but I thought I'd post them anyway. Yesterday we had to run around The Rocks and just take a few photos, trying to focus on getting out exposure just right... which is surprisingly hard. The main goal was to get the exposure level on the exposure meter in the middle, but then the correct exposure also had to show in the histogram. I don't know, it was hard. :p Here are some shots anyway!

This cool building on the waterfront has a wall completely filled with stacked strawberry pot plants. Unfortunately, all the strawberries were shrivelled and the plants were wilting, except up the top.
Actually, at a second look, I see a full strawberry there in the bottom left corner. Dammit! Should have eaten it :p

Ziggy's lower half :p

Some dudes rockin the tandem bike. This wasn't correctly exposed, for the record :p


vivatveritas said...

your photos look amazing!i checked out your other website, and they all look really nice! xoxo

welcometodeutschland said...

aahah i love the last photo, its so cool