Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy belated blogoversary to me!

Hello everyone!

So January 10 was actually my first anniversary of things to smile about! I missed it because I was in Sydney running around trying to find a house to live in, and when I got back and realised, I was determined on taking an outfit shot to celebrate it. Well I've given up on that now, outfit shots just aren't working for me at the moment.

However, I should to something to mark the occasion, and considering this is mostly a photography blog nowadays, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite photos I've ever taken!

I started this blog because I'd started the new year at work, all of my friends were going back to uni or moving and I was virtually left with minimal friends and I was quite miserable at work as well.
I figured this blog would be something to inspire me, something for me to spend my time on and also something to show my work as I had plans of doing something in 2011 with photography, and I wanted to build up my portfolio.

I took this photo of Bec in 2009 for The Hub in Photo News. There's just so many things about it that make it a perfect summery shot to me. To be honest I didn't actually know what as I was doing as much when I took this one, but everything just worked out perfectly. It was actually my friend and co-worker Janelle who pointed it out to me as being quite a good photo, because I hadn't actually looked at it properly! It'd be one of my favourites I've taken.

Well, I kept up with the blog and it definitely became a 'friend' to me, sometimes it was all I thought about! :p But luckily I made much closer friends out of some of my acquaintance type friends (Hanli, Caitlin, Georgie) and a few of my friends came back from uni for the year as well! Excellent :) But I kept with the blog, I never had any doubt about that, and I'm very pleased that a year has passed!

There's just so much going on in this photo but it all comes together for me. I love it! This is my good friend Vinnie, taken last year.

My blog has changed quite a bit since I started it! I started off with just single pictures with little comments, and now I appear to do huge photo posts from each shoot. Which I like, as this blog was meant to be a bit of a thing where followers got heaps of photos I take, before I pick out just one to go in my portfolio or something like that.

This photo just seemed to turn out... I thought I should include one of myself! Taken last spring in the canola fields. That was a very good afternoon for me :)

I suppose I should mention my dabbling in outfit shots as well. A lot of the blogs I was following were outfit posts blogs and I decided to try to put a bit more effort in with fashion, seeing as I'd become quite clothes obsessed. It worked, for awhile there I was caring about what I wore every day! Now I don't care so much :p but I guess you go through phases. Anywho, hopefully I'll get back into some outfit posts when I'm in Sydney. It's just too hot at the moment!

Just everything about this photo is perfect to me. The subject, the lighting, the little rainbows, the outfit and especially the expression, somewhat sad. Just beautiful. I would say this photo was a bit of a fluke but then... that's the thing with lighting, most photos I take could be classified as a 'fluke' but that's the thing with photography. I set the settings and snap away not knowing what I'm going to get and the most rewarding part is when something like this comes out. So i wouldn't call it a fluke, more... my favourite part of photography :)

And what about the blog for this year? Well, I plan to keep posting in it just as much as last year, in my new town and new circumstances... Seeing as I'm going to be studying hopefully you'll see some development there. Hopefully acquire some more skills and perfect some stuff, but I hope I keep taking these semi spontaneous portraits, little snapshots into people's souls...

(I'm listening to Simon and Garfunkel as I write this so I think that's why I'm so.. serious and philosophical today! Hahahah)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hi all!

Yet again I would like to apologise for my lack of posting, I've been running around between Orange and Sydney and the Blue Mountains for various reasons and haven't had a chance to do anything blog wise!

Yesterday I took photos of some guys I know who have a band, Sludgemander. They're this wacko electronica hardcore band. I usually hate hardcore music, but I don't mind Sludgemander because of the cool dancing bits!

Anywho, the band, comprised of Michael, Lloyd, Roachy, Dan and Shane met up with me and we took some snaps for promos and such! I must say it was very exciting taking band photos with the help of the wide angle lens - it's just so... bandy.

Oh, and for the kids from the central west, Sludgemander will be launching their debut EP, Make It Happen, Cap'n at Michael's house this Saturday from 7.30pm :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i will stay for the remainder

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've done a few shifts at the cinema, as well as taking off to Sydney suddenly on Monday to house hunt.
The good news is... I found a house! I will be living with two lovely people in Leichhardt. So excited! And also relieved, house hunting was exhausting.

I'm hoping to do a few shoots before the big move to keep a look out :)

(This was just me this evening taking pictures of flowers... and my toes)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolutions, resolutions

I was going to take an outfit photo to go with this post, but then I slept until 2pm and it was pouring raining by the time I got up! However, I do have a few photos of my short trip in Newcastle, so I'll share them :)

New Year's resolutions are a funny thing and a lot of people this year were raving on about how they were stupid, but I don't see the harm in a date where you can sit down and think of all the things you'd like to achieve in the next 12 months.

- Worry less and live more. 
This has always been a goal of mine, but it's never hit home as much as it did last year when two of my friends passed away. Georgie and Bella lived so much more than I have in my time (even thought I'm older than them), and they just didn't waste any time. They were always making memories and having experiences and I plan on spending the year living by that philosophy. I've spent a lot of time in the past sitting around at home and worrying, but next year I'm moving out of home and to a new city and I plan on having as many experiences as possible and making as many memories as I can. 
- Lose weight and get fit.
I make this resolution every year... hopefully I can do it this year!
- Become independent. 
- Take my photography further.
- Work on some more creative endeavours. 
- Get more than a non-existant romantic life.
- Make sure I keep in close touch with my friends living in different places to me. 
- Read more.

That's all I can think of for now, but the first one kind of covers everything!

Anywho, here are some photos of my trip to Newcastle.

Zoe at a little burger shop in Merriwa 

Me with one of my strangely exposed polaroids 

Zoe looking hawt in her swimmers. 

John with pizza with chicken loaf on top. We're living it up! :p 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

It's a very happy new year for me so far because today i got my... camera! I've been saving up for a camera for a bit longer than a year and today it came in the mail! I've felt  a bit lost for the last two weeks because before I used the work camera for all the photos I took, and when I finished up at work I had no SLR! Felt a bit like I had a limb missing but now my camera has arrived and it's my camera! So exciting!

So I took it out for a whirl with Vinnie this afternoon! Here are some of the photos, they're not my best work photographically but that happens when you get a new camera, you've gotta get used to it before you can start getting a bit more creative!

One thing I can't get over is the quality! I guess that's L series lenses for you!

Stay tuned for more from my new camera!