Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Novocaines and Zeahorse

Hey everyone! Sorry for the small break in updates, it's been nuts here! I'm preparing for a party I'm throwing on Saturday night, and it's pouring raining and work and ahhh! That's the festive season for you! (I love it though!)

So here are yet again some more pictures from Newton's Nation. First off this is a band called Zeahorse.

Next up where a band called The Novocaines, which Triple J listeners might recognise. They were very energetic, and even though they were a bit heavy for me I still enjoyed them!

Now I've got just one more band to go, then I can show you a few sports shots too... hope you're enjoy this slight change of pace! :)


Amber Rose said...

This makes me want to get off my bum and get another job so that I can go see concerts more often!

Hope you're having a lovely week, pretty gal.

Love Always,

Anonymous said...

Good grief, these are AWSOME rock photos! You ROCK missy!!!!