Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my happiness

So I've finally gotten a chance to post an outfit post! This is actually the photos from a shoot I did for my 'Hub' photo, for the paper I work for. We have a thing in Photo News called 'the hub', that I was in charge of, and I had always said that when I left Photo News I would be in the hub!
Unfortunately when I took the photos I was pretty dang ill (tonsilitis!) and all my glands were swollen, but I still got some nice pics :)

Dress: Vintage, Blackbird Market in Melbourne
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Compass... from somewhere in Newtown

In other news... I'm going to Newcastle for New Years with Zoe, to see Kristen. Should be much fun! Zoe and I are going to make a bit of a road trip of the drive so hopefully I'll get some cool pictures from it :) 
Oh - and I bought my camera! Ahhhh! Excitement. Now we play the waiting game.

Happy Wednesday :)


Indigo said...

you look so pretty and happy! That dress is lush xx

maggeygrace said...

This makes me miss spring and summer so much! You look like the definition of summer bliss. I love the yellow.

sydneysomething said...

Oh I love that dress on you so much! The only criticism I have is the gaping breasticle hole, which you and I both know is sometimes un-avoidable :P

Seriously, Great photos, great dress, great best friend of mine :D

Did you get that when we were in Melbz?

Gracie said...

hah aw THANKS CHUM! :) haha, yeah i did get it in melbz! form that market i went to and came back from all skipping around and joyful :p
yeah, silly bresticle hole. Unavoidable i say:p