Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas :)

Hi everyone! A bit late, but I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas :) things have been rather busy here so I haven't had time to update my blog-alog, but here's a quick post (there'll be plenty more on the way).

So... I've finished my job at Photo News (ahhh), my last day was lovely, I'm going to miss it.
I'm on holidays!
And Christmas Day and Boxing Day has been and gone!

Here are a few photos from my lovely Christmas day at home...

Mum gave us all giant bubble blowers for a bit of fun :)

Mmmm tarts!

My cat Dusty chillin out with some cat nip

I love Christmas tables!

I folded these napkins! Pretty impressed with myself.

Frankie and Oscar with the bubbles. So cute!

We have a little tradition of putting out cups filled with lollies and chocolates (I always put them together) to snack on before lunch or dinner. Yum!


In other news, you know those movies that are just... life changing? Well tonight I finally watched Amelie! I know i know, what's taken me so long? But in my defence, I was too young when it came out and I always knew it would be a life changing movie so I was always kind of like... 'oh, i'm not in the mood for a life changing movie tonight' haha! But I finally watched it and I was not disappointed. At all.

It was so beautiful, and it's made me feel pretty excited about life and romance again. Sigh. I'm so excited for next year now! Also, I want a short black bob for hair. Not going to happen though :p

Happy holidays everyone :)


Rosanna said...

I recorded Amelie a few days ago, so I will definitely be watching it soon, can't wait x

Indigo said...

ohh i love amelie! I did a post on it! XX

SimoneV said...

Wow your christmas does look amazing! Fun filled day of happiness! :) I love the bubble photo. And oyur table does look so outstanding!

I have heard of the movie Amelie and now I am compelled to go watch it :)

Barbara said...

aw merry xmas! i love amelie!!

Kate said...

Loved that first bubble picture! Those tarts look good too...

maggeygrace said...

HOLY COW! That bubble picture is AWESOME. I"m sad that I missed it the first time around. So cool! Kudos!