Wednesday, December 15, 2010

giving up the gun

Good morning bloggers!

Last night we had a Christmas party for the newspaper, and also a little farewell for myself, as next week is my last week there! (Ahhhhh!)

My co-worker and chum Chris Bennetts took these shots of me when he saw an opportunity when the sun was setting.

My work gave me this beautiful scrapbook of filled with things I've done in my 3 years here - I almost cried! And now I've got the change jitters - you know when you know there are all these changes and goodbyes coming up and you start getting really anxious about them and just want it to be over? Well I get that. Freak out.
Anyway, I plan on enjoying my last week at Photo News, even though I appear to have tonsilitis ergh, and then it's Christmas and then it's New Year and then it's... AHHH!

It's been the best job in the universe working at Photo News... I can't think of a better place to work after school, especially when you want to be a photographer and... they make you a photographer! I've had rides in fire trucks, gliders, helicopters, met a gazillion people (including Josh Pyke) and made some great friends. But it's time to move on!

Have you got any scary big changes coming up?

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Rosanna said...

These photos are lovely, and I hate that feeling of change. Once things have actually changed it is usually ok, but the saying goodbye is sad. I am in my last year of school before I (hopefully!) start university in september, so I know the feeling...good luck in Sydney!!xx