Monday, November 1, 2010

We're alright

Some of you may have noticed if you go to my profile that I have another blog, 'Gracie Johns Photography'. This blog is for my paid photography (I've started taking family portraits, etc, for a bit of extra cash to go towards my new camera!).
I thought I'd share some of these photos I took. You might have seen my photo booth series on here before, well I suggested that I do it for a family portrait and they liked the idea... so we did!
I did one of the family together, and then little Lucy and little Toby. Here are the lot of them and a few close ups of photos I thought were particularly cute!


Marlous said...

i love the set of the little boy!

Miss Woody said...


(amie) said...

hey its bec & jason! haha these guys are good family friends. too cute.