Monday, November 15, 2010

Unknown blogger profile: Chris from Limefridays

I haven't done one of these in a while (surprisingly, I've been having a bit of trouble finding unknown bloggers!) but here we are, back with another unknown blogger.
If you haven't seen this feature before, it's just a blogger feature I do on a blogger I love that has less than 50 followers!

I'd like you to meet my good friend Chris and his blog Limefridays. I work with Chris at the newspaper, he's a great photographer and generally a funny, chilled out kinda dude!

What’s your blog about? My blog is a collection of photos and other things. There are some rock photos, travel photos, portraits, candid moments amongst other things. My life is pretty eclectic at the moment and I suppose my photos portray that.

Who do you think should read your blog? Anyone and everyone, I like to keep things light-hearted but interesting.
How would you describe your photography style? I try to mirror real life and real people, and I find that a big challenge.

What photography inspires you? I love Antoine Corbijn’s early U2 stuff.
When did you start taking photos? About 9 years ago.

What do you do for a living (at the moment)? Photojournalist with a local paper
What is your dream career? Rock star or owner of a pizza shop by the beach. Whichever comes first.

What is something that many people don't know about you? I partook in the Gloucestershire cheese roll one year.
What's your favourite book, movie, song and band/artist? ‘On the road’ by Jack Kerouac taught me to try and live everyday to the fullest! ‘Michael Jordan’s playground’ is my favourite movie because of all the dunks. Favourite band is Further.

What's something you're really scared of? I almost trod on a snake retrieving a cricket ball when I was around 9. It reared up at me and hissed. Forget snakes.

Where do you want to be in 10 years time? Self employed and in a good groove!

And Chris's favourite photo he's taken...

Why is this your favourite photo? It was like minus 10 day in Berlin, I was waiting for a train and this scene played itself out in front of me.

So, go check out, and possibly follow his blog! You won't be dissapointed :)

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