Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rainy spring afternoon

Guess what. IT'S FRIDAY! Woohooo. 

I've spent the entire week trying to line up photo shoots and failing because of lack of models or lack of energy, but yesterday was successful! I took these photos with Amelia/Millie yesterday afternoon/evening.

It was almost a perfect afternoon, if the rain had have held off for just a little longer! For most of the shoot it was sprinkling and then the rain really started coming on heavier, we got a few in the heavy rain and you can actually see it which is v. cool. I was under an umbrella the whole time to protect the camera, so good on Amelia for braving the rain :)


Amber Rose said...

I've decided: I'm flying you out here to photograph me lovely. And then I'm going to do your makeup and we'll skip around Tennessee and go to the sockhop.

Ali said...

some nice pics! I like the rainy ones and the first one on the bridge.

Jana Vengerova said...

If you like art, gon on my blog. yours by the way is awesome :)

minnja said...

Oh, so beautiful.... thanks for sharing:)))))


Rita P. said...

Hi Gracie, just to let you know that I received your gift yesterday! :)
And don't worry about the time it took, I know we all have lifes beyond bloging!
I loved the letter set really much and I can´t wait to start writting some letters :D
I definitely will post about it very soon!

Thank you :)

and by the way...amazing photos ;)

Rita x