Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hello everyone! I'm back from Melbourne!

It was such a good trip, Melbourne is sooo wonderful. The people there are so nice, and it's just got a good vibe too it. Such a good vibe.

I only took photos on my little camera, but here's a bit of an update on my travellings over the four days.

The trip started with a 5 hour train ride from home to Sydney, where Steph and I stayed the night. The train trip was generally hilarious and kind of scary. But on the train we did get...

devonshire teas!!!

So we took off on the plane... which you can kind of see in this photo... :p and arrived in Melbourne! Because Steph and I are used to not being able to drink alcohol because we always drive, the first thing we did was... have a wine tasting at the airport hahaha.

We were lugging our luggage around (no wonder they call it luggage. Or is it called lugging because of luggage?) and went to visit my sister, i bought nachos from a boy who's name badge said 'Senor Ding Dong', and we finally got to our apartment, which was cool as! Then we slept for three hours due to extreme tiredness, and went out on the town!

(Steph lookin sexay)

Out on the town was kind of confusing because we hadn't really seen Melbourne at all and didn't know where to go. But we wandered around for a while and ran into someone I used to go to school with! So she and her boyfriend told us to go to a place called 'The Lounge', which was probably our first experience of the coolness of Melbourne. This place was playing The Beatles and all these cool old songs and there were people on the dancefloor that were just so funny and chilled and cool! Everyone's so nice in Melbourne!
Also, where we come from we can't have shots at the pub... so we had a shot :)

Mein gut chum Zoe came down to join us on Friday morning, and we headed off to... Brunswick St! On the tram.

I wish I could express to you how much I love Fitzroy. It was just... my kind of place. Just... so brilliant! I almost cried with joy when I saw Meet Me At Mike's, and another darling little shop called Little Salon.

It was really stinking hot and humid, and Steph and I especially can't really handle the heat, so although it was a great day, I think we should have at some point went 'maybe we should go somewhere cool' but we were so mesmerised by the shopping that we just... didn't. There was this amazing little shop with this really eccentric young owner and it was filled with all these old vintage toys and these... cut out things that are hard to explain. I'll show you one I bought later!

(Steph bought this cool ring from a shop called... Victorian Gothic.)

The good news is that on Friday night it started raining! So on Saturday it was nice and cool and absolutely soaking. I got up early to go for a little trip by myself to Bunnings to get some spray paint, but I generally got lost about 5 million times (let's not go there) :P

I took loads of photos while I was bored on the tram. Architecture - ahhh!

I finally got to where I wanted to be at about 2pm (after Bunnings, etc) which was Fitzroy again to go to Blackbird Market at The Workers Club.
I wish I could describe to you the overwhelming joy I felt when I was there... it was only a little market but it was everything I love when it comes to fashion and I just felt like running through fields shouting 'I looooveeee Fiittzzrooyy!'.
I can definitely see myself moving there, perhaps after my course... living in a little terrace house... oh my.

So this time I walked down Gertrude St as opposed to Brunswick St. It was still pouring raining and I was sopping wet but I didn't care - it was a street lined with vintage shops and street art! This is my favourite I saw on my trip :)

Also I love this. I love it all. Pure brilliance.

And this little alleyway. Just... sigh.

Then I met up with Zoe who had spent the day with her lovely boyfriend John. And we had hot chocolates.

We then decided to just go for a walk, which was probably one of the funnest parts of the trip just going into random buildings and shops. We found the State Library of Victoria. AHHHHH! It was amazing. Like, amazing. It made me want to do work, just so I could sit in it.

After the library John and Zoe went back on the train home and Steph and I went home, got changed and then went out for dinner! We'd heard that Lygon St was the place to go, unfortunately it was a bit hard to get to and it was POURING raining. But we got there eventually.

and... all the shops had run out of umbrellas.

But cocktails make everything better!

Another highlight would have to be our trip to this laneway in the city. This was our beautiful friend Georgie's favourite laneway according to her Melbournian friend Josh and it was amazing! It's around the intersection of Flinders Lane and Degraves St and every square inch is covered in street art. We only got to see it in the night, but I imagine it would have been quite interesting in the day with shops open!

There Steph and I put our own little Georgie and Bella stencils that we've been doing, we'd wanted to do this eversince they passed away because Georgie loved street art and melbourne so the two just went together so well. And I'm sure Bella would have absolutely loved it too.

(the paint wasn't meant to run like that... but the conditions weren't exactly ideal! :p)

Annnd then on Sunday we went home, with minimal sleep, on the plane.

(thanks to Steph for some of these iPhone photos of her that I nicked)

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