Friday, November 19, 2010

he taps at my window

"He taps at my window, willing that I let him in.
I don't think I will though, my heart's taken I won't tell him again."

Yesterday I took photos of Pru for The Hub in the paper I work for... usually I'd wait until it came out in the paper to print it but I just couldn't wait to put these ones in! I'm quite pleased with how they turned out indeedy.

Pru was a great model, she didn't seem to be nervous or anything and was up for posing and... almost falling out of windows for the sake of the photo!

I've been taking loads of photos at this location (the studio that Chris and I rented) but I only realised yesterday that there was a window nearby that I could peak out of to take photos this way :)

In other news, I'm photographing my first wedding today - very excited (and also nervous!)
Keep a look out for some of those photos in the not too distant future.


Anonymous said...

stunning!! gracie, seriously, do you even need to go to uni to learn this stuff. i think your just naturally amazing :)

Maria said...

I agree with the above comment, you're very talented and amazing!

Would love to see more shots of your current projects :)

minnja said...

Gorgeous :)))


Jan said...

Ah thanks for your lovely comment,
haha yeah I'm so sorry for that!
I didn't noticed while posting, well I actually didn't even thought about it! Stupid me!
Next time I'll try not to give you an headache anymore haha!

&Wow this dress looks so good on you, I love the way you combined it with the jacket!

SimoneV said...

Laura Marling! :)