Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday best

Hello everyone!

I've finally got around to editing these photos I took last Sunday of my lovely friend Stephanie!

This week has pretty much been jam packed full of me... cleaning. I'm doing a huge overhaul of all my stuff in preparation for when I move to Sydney next year (did I 'announce' that on my blog? Well... I'm moving to Sydney!) so I've chucked out... who knows how much stuff, and given loads to Vinnies, and I'm selling some on eBay. If you are interested in cheap and hilarious or cool goods, feel free to go there!

It was kind of raining during this shoot, which actually made the colours very nice in my opinion. And the beautiful grass! It was in Steph's backyard, which is also beautiful.

Other exciting news! I've started to try to take a few family portraits, couple portraits, weddings for money to try to fund some camera equipment for me - and I've just had two bookings! Very very excited about that, thank you newspaper advertising!

And this is just the first half of the shoot! I've still got another half to edit, so stay tuned.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week :)


kathy said...

Great Pictures. I love that last lace umbrella too! x

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

These are gorgeous. I love the different parasols that you used. And sitting in the grass...ah, so nice! I am so jealous...there's not much grass to be found in NYC!