Tuesday, October 5, 2010

climb up my apple tree

And so continue the photos from my long weekend! I did this one on Saturday - this is my friend Alana!

And she's generally... pretty and good and great.

I've been meaning to take photos in the orchards when they're blooming for sooo long and I finally got around to it! I was hoping that they would be blooming more... but maybe that's another shoot I can do in a week!

Alana is studying Visual Communications in Sydney at the moment, and when I move to Sydney I plan to collaborate with her. Hear that Alana? :p

The area I live in is just so beautiful at the moment. The canola fields that I showed you yesterday, the blossoms, and because he had so much everything is so green! I seriously don't think it's ever been this green before (you'll seen some of that when I show you my next photoshoot!)

And silly Alana looked through some of the photos after the shoot and thought she looked bad in them! So feel free to tell her how she has nothing to worry about!

Pink dress is mine, 'Alive Girl'
White dress is Alana's, thrifted
White umbrella is Alana's, vintage owned by her grandmother
Hair, make-up extra... Alana!

I'd love to hear what you think of these. As always I'm always open for positive or critical comments as long as it's doing something good!

P.s. I'd also like to thank some of the commentors I've been getting lately - you're all just lovely!


maggeygrace said...

these are soooooo pretty!! I love the ones with the white dress more...I think....I just don't know! They're all stunning!

hiven said...


Blackswan said...

there are some really MAGICAL shots you've got there! i really like the shot of your friend sitting down, with the umbrella and the depth of field of orchard rows in the background. brilliant!

i studied visual communications too, a collaboration sounds exciting indeed!

come drop by for a visit or follow too?!


x Your Only Blackswan

Marlous said...

i like her outfits!

Barbara said...

this turned out great!! :)