Monday, October 4, 2010

And it was all yellow

Oh, life is funny. Yesterday during the day I felt so free, driving through the country looking at the beautiful canola fields with the spring breeze flowing through my car and my hair just feeling... great!

Today... I feel like that was a bit distant. I'm just arguing with a friend and feeling like it's the middle of winter and I should be snuggled up in bed crying! 

It's funny how you think of yourself as an individual human being that is compassionate, who tries not to upset anyone and to understand what people are going through, who likes things because... she likes them... yet people see you as some sort of 'try hard'. 

I like what I like. I don't like what I don't like. And I want everyone to be happy and treated with respect and dignity. Sometimes that seems like a big ask.

Anyway! Enough of the serious rambling. These are the amazing canola fields that occur in country NSW. I'm sure they occur in other places... but they occur here. I love them. I've been meaning to take photos of them for so long but when they're out it always seems to be a busy time of year for me and it never gets done. But I finally went out and jumped a fence (well actually the fence just had a latch) and took some photos in them. 

I plan on taking a lot more photos here before the fields are... mowed. Haha... mowed. Well, whatever they do to them. I'd love to have some models in them so I can actually concentrate on what I'm doing with the camera. Only problem is that they're actually very difficult to get... inside. Like, I thought I'd be able to trample through but they're practically as tall as me and you can't see the ground and it's... scary!

I climbed in just about half a metre into them yesterday and I'm still itching all over!

In other news... I am sooo happy because... it's daylight savings time! Oh, the wonderous world of photography after work has opened up to me again and I'm so pleased. I won't have to wait until weekends to do shoots because I work all day! It's just swell. I sit at work in the middle of the week itching to take photos after work but it's always too dark... but now... it's light!

(You may notice I'm wearing a different outfit in this photo. That's.... a long story.)

These canola fields stretch on all the way to the horizon. It's amazing!

Main outfit: 
Dress: Indie Darling dress, Modcloth
Oxfords: Steve Madden


Jan said...

Thanks for your comment!
Haha yeah same here,
first I'd never understood why people didn't like the dentist, but after this experience I do.
Sadly enough ^^'

Good luck at the dentist!
Hope nothing worse is going to happen!

&Cute dress!

hiven said...

beautiful colours