Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why won't you come on over?

Well sometimes I go out by myself, and I look across the water.

[This is Jess, I took these photos for a hub for the paper I work for that will be coming out... next week!]

Thursday, October 28, 2010

there was a little man


guard of the air conditioning.

 that's a paddlin'

 dusty old newspapers

 ergh dusty keyboard.


check on it.

somebody get me out of here.

 still checkin on it.

 thinking of the future.

 you can't dig wood.

sunny afternoon.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Office

[I don't care who does it, if anyone did this to me I would go out with them just on principle]


(I'm thinking of asking Friends of Couture if I can take their product pictures in exchange for a dress or two. They're pictures just aren't great. Don't do much justice to the beautiful clothes.)

Travel plans

Source: Bangia




What are your distractions?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Georgie and Bella

Hi bloggers, how are you all?

Things have settled down now so I'll tell you about what's been going on.

Not last Thursday but the Thursday before two friends of mine, Georgie and Bella died in a car accident near where, when they were driving on their way to Sydney. The girls were sisters, I was closest to Georgie but I knew Bella too - they were 20 and 17-years-old and two of the most amazing girls I've met.

They were driving along the highway and on a long, swooping bend they hit a patch of oil that had come up from the road because of the rain that morning, and they crashed into a van going the other way and died instantly.

I don't think I need to express how horrible this is, especially for their family.

I know my blog is called 'things to smile about', and although I completely recognise that you can't always be smiling, it's been a little while since the accident happened and I'm focusing more now on thinking about how amazing these two girls were and thinking about how I can be more like them and just... generally being happy that I was lucky enough to know them.

If you're a regular follower of my blog you'd know Georgie - I've taken photos of her several times in the past - she's a great subject. Bella would have been too, in fact i was trying to organise taking photos of her a month ago.

So... this post is dedicated to the beautiful Bella and gorgeous Georgie who are going to be missed forever.



Here's an article I wrote for the paper I work for on the two of them. I had a long chat with all of their friends and this is what I wrote.

Georgie and Bella were two girls with huge personalities and huge hearts.
As friends and family we describe them with smiles on our faces, tears in our eyes and a warmth and comfort in our hearts knowing we were lucky enough to have known such amazing souls.

On paper, Georgie and Bella seem quite similar, but in life they were so different. Sure, they had similar personality traits, but their individuality shone through every day, they were just so unique. They seemed to have the perfect balance of personality traits – they were laidback yet they would stand up for their beliefs, they were confident but still modest, they were loud and sociable but could still sit down and have a quiet conversation with you.

Georgie and Bella were such a credit to their parents, Penny and Craig. It’s hard to find an individual that gets along with almost everyone, let alone two of them in the same family (not to mention their lovely brother Harry).

Both girls knew how important it was to make memories. It was as if they knew that they needed to touch as many hearts and make as many relationships in the time they had. Everyone that knew the girls has a memory to tell of them, whether you were an acquaintance or a close friend you would really feel you had made a connection to them – and we thank them so much for that gift.

(Photo taken by my friend Rosemary)

Their humour was contagious. Bella and Georgie could have anyone in stitches at any time and they could find the light in every situation and they did it with such ease that everyone around them would be having the time of their lives.

Georgie had a passion for music that wowed us all. She once said to me that music was her life, that it was the language of us all, and for Georgie that was so true. But she didn’t brag about her musical talents, she was instead quietly passionate.

Another loveable trait of Georgie’s was her confidence – she knew what she wanted. Her friends would sit, envious, as she would spot someone out of a crowd and say ‘I’d like to get to know them’ and then walk straight up to them and start a conversation without the blink of an eye.

Possibly what stood out most about Georgie to all who knew her was how she could make anyone feel comfortable and how she took time out of her day for all of her friends. Amongst hundreds of people she would somehow find the time to have a moment with you, and she’d always greet you with open arms and such enthusiasm.
Georgie and Bella brought people together and we thank them so much for that.

A trait that both girls shared was their ability to fall completely in love with something, whether it was music, British comedy (The Mighty Boosh, to mention one) or Bella’s intense love of Shakespeare.

Bella was known to friends and family as Bella the Fox, Boo or Major Mills and like Georgie, she made an imprint on all of our lives that we’ll treasure forever.

All of Bella’s friends, including those who were older than her could agree that she appeared to be an older soul than any of us. She didn’t flaunt it, but her intellect, worldly smarts and quick wit had her friends in awe. She may not have cared about maths, but she was always thinking – whether it be about a story, a prank, a film or one of her many creative ideas.

Although Bella was very musically talented, her love for film and drama shone through the most. A born leader, Bella wanted to be a director, which was perfect for her because she had ideas coming out of her ears and brought fun into everything she did. She could have someone in stitches with the raise of an eyebrow or a simple funny look. She accepted everyone around her no matter where they came from and what they looked like, everyone was a friend.

Bella oozed passion – not just in music, not just in drama, but in life. She had such a love for her friends and family, so much so that when she stood up to do her prefect election speech she forgot what she had planned and instead stood in front of her grade and talked about how much she loved everyone. And she did, both Bella and Georgie loved their friends and family so much and never hesitated to tell them so.

When I sat down with Bella’s loved ones, a close friend of hers came up to me and said ‘just make sure you say that she was perfect’. I think this reigned true for friends of both girls – they seemed to be perfect friends.

I suppose you could say… Bella and Georgie Mills were what they were. They didn’t try to be anything that wasn’t them and their beautiful smiles and loving souls will never be forgotten. They truly lived their lives every day and were so brave for doing it. Georgie and Bella were so, so real. After they have been taken from us so soon, the only consolation we have is that they lived so much and meant everything to the people around them. We love you Georgie and Bella.
Gorgeous inside and out, Georgie Mills
Beautiful through and through, Bella Mills

 Also, I've been doing some art recently - painting and stencilling. I've never been much of a painter at all... as in, I've always been terrible and just these past two weeks I've been doing some things that might be slightly less terrible - that I'm proud of! So here is some of that too, all Georgie and Bella related too.

and the finished product...

I could say so many things about Georgie and Bella... but I'm exhausted, and everyone who knows them already knows exactly how I, and we all feel. Our lives will never be the same, that's for sure.

We'll love you forever, Georgie and Bella.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Alice in Stephland

Here's the rest of my shoot with the lovely Stephanie.

These were taken in a forest quite close to Steph's house where we found this field of amazing purple flowers!

When I found beautiful things like this flower field that hasn't been made by humans it just makes me love nature even more!

I think if I owned a property I would just have fields of different coloured flowers that come out at different seasons...

I also just love the kooky outfit Steph came out wearing. We decided she would change outfits, so she went into her room and came out like this! Excellent, excellent.

There was also this patch of... long... pointy twig things. I see them often :p Anyway, I liked it and it was all good until we saw this lizard.. which could have been a blue tongue lizard but my dad

- I was interrupted when writing that sentence and it's been a couple of days now and I'm not going to resume it. Just to say sorry about my lack of posting but I've been going through some stuff at the moment. I just thought I may as well post this that I'd nearly finished the post.

I'll explain more later in the week.