Thursday, September 30, 2010

A way we can survive these trying times without losing our minds

Well, it seems the day after I started my 365 I decided to stop it! I was really enjoying it but I also wasn't too crazy of the photos and concept behind what I was taking so I've decided to stop it and start again in a month or two when I can gather my thoughts better.

I took some pictures of flowers on the weekend and I like them quite a bit. So, for a Friday afternoon... let's have a spring flower post!

It's a long weekend this weekend! I'm so happy. You have no idea. I want to take a million photos! Only problem is I don't have a million models. In fact... I'm trying to find... one model.

I know it might sound stupid, but the photo I have in mind that I reeeallly want to take requires a certain type of model, and I just can't find her! Pretty much I'm looking for a pale, waif with long blonde hair.
But until I find the waif I'll happily work with everyone!

I love spring for photography... it's like the style I really like is spring ish. Or maybe I'm just intoxicated with the spring air and think it's spring ish. Either way.. hopefully by Tuesday I'll have a load and a half of photos to show you!


Barbara said...

lovely! that colors are great! well it's ok to be realistic, so if you think you are not gonna do the 365 as well as you want it to be, it's better not to do it!
have a great weekend!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I think you should start the project again right now.

Part of being creative is knowing that you're not always perfect. It's about knowing that sometimes you'll take some bad pictures. Sometimes you'll think the pictures are bad but everyone else will be inspired about them. It's about taking a perfect picture that everyone criticises. It's about having the discipline to keep trying, keep going, keep learning.

Some days are perfect, some days are sad, some days make you want to be alive and some days make you want to hide away. I think your 365 project will reflect this perfectly. And I think you should start right now. I'll be along for the journey if you'd like :D

maggeygrace said...

So, I know these aren't sunflowers...but they remind me OF sunflowers and for that, these pictures make me so happy! I love sunflowers because of the happiness they emit and these pictures totally give the same feeling :) loveeee. I totally agree about the person above me saying you should continue the 365 project :) I'd be an avid supporter Gracie!

Marlous said...

i love the flowers!

could you tell me how you put that 'love like bleh' thing under your post? thanks! :)