Friday, September 3, 2010

Shop update: tees!

Good morning everyone!

It's pouring down raining this morning and I'm sitting in my cosy room listening to She & Him. Lovely.

I have a GoosieGander shop update for you! A new range of handmade goods to go to my shop, my tees!

I've painted these by hand so they have that sketchy look which I love. The t-shirts aren't made by me, but the reason I can sell them at this price is because I've been buying them from discount racks all over the place. So every one is different!

I've got four in there at the moment, two bike designs and two aeroplane designs. I currently don't have anything over a size 10 (Australian) because I only bought one size 12 t-shirt and may have taken it for myself...

I will, however, find tees of the right size if anyone requests them!

So head over the shop if you're interested!

Oh and I almost forgot, I'm also selling this stunning vintage suit!

1 comment:

Rita P. said...

Congratulations Gracie! The tees are amazing, really beautiful :D
have a great weekend