Monday, September 13, 2010

Peach, plum, pear

I took these photos of Hanli on Friday afternoon and I'm quite pleased with them! I don't have them all to upload right now, but this is the main lot!

Hanli is one of my favourite models - she's so enthusiastic and also really good at it.

This was another low light shoot so you'll have to excuse any graininess... but I just think it all adds to the style!

First we went to this small village just outside of town that seems to be where I go everytime I haven't thought ahead on one of these shoots - it's just so quaint! I can image them having little street festivals in the old days! I'm sure they didn't because I think it has a population of about 10, but still. They should!

This is a bit of a mixture between candid and fashioney shots, but I don't mind!

After our frolic on the road the sun had gone down and for some reason we decided to head into this very photographic looking barn that required much gate climbing and mud sludging! It would have been all well and good if it hadn't gotten dark and we thought we were going to be murdered! I don't have all the photos from the barn, so there will be more to come later.

In other news, I've decided to try and eat a lot more vegetarian meals - starting with a week or so of all vego. I stumbled across the PETA website today and started reading and before I knew it the thought of eating meat was making me sick! I don't think I could do it permanently in my current state, but I'll try to eat vegetarian as often as I can. Are any of you vegetarian?


rebecca said...

ahhh, love these photos, especially the last three (:
and i'm not a vegetarian, no, but i often eat the vegetarian option when i go to restaurants

Jeniffer said...

pretty dress...

can you help me filling up my survey about fashion blog and teenager here

and participate for the giveaway in my blog thank you

Daisy said...

Pretty outfits !!

Barbara said...

pretty images, she's so pretty and fun!!!
i'm not a vegetarian, i don't think i could be.. but i don't eat too many meat, only chicken and from time to time beef. Also i prefer fish. I can understand those who prefer not to eat meat but that's not for myself

Gayle is Volatile said...

Nice dress :) I dont eat a lot of meat either. But its tough to stick to a vegetarian diet because I live with my family. So I have to eat what is on the table. (Though I sometimes dont) :D

-Gayle from