Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm gonna get dressed

I took this photo last night when extremely bored. Hahahaha. I wanted to experiment with black and white photography, which I never do, and I'm quite pleased with the turn out!
I'm in a very weird mood today, just feeling a bit... funny. Very funny infact. You know when you feel emotionally fine but little things almost make you burst into tears? :p I don't mean to say this in a 'worry about me' kind of way, I just mean like... you know, when you spill something and even though it's not a big deal you just start crying! Hahaha it happens to me all the time.
Last year on the way to Big Day Out I was really exhausted, and as we were getting in the car to leave, I asked my friend Rosemary if I could sit in the front seat. She said that our friend Richard would be driving and seeing as it was her car, she thought she might sit in the front.
Even though I understood this completely... and didn't have any objections at all... the mere fact that she rejected me almost had me in tears! Hahaha but I laugh about these things so it's nothing serious.

In other news... I went a week with my savings and now I've had a small... bad bit. But it's alright, I'll get back on track tomorrow! Hopefully. After I have lunch with Steph :p

How are you all?

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Rosanna said...

I know exactly how you feel being in that mood. I always feel so embarrassed crying and things that don't matter but sometimes you just can't stop yourself :) x