Thursday, September 9, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!

I finally had chance to do a very quick outfit shoot inbetween things today! It's been pouring raining most of the day and it's so hard to find a time to get out and do an outfit shoot, especially considering I'm taking the photos on a tripod and so it has to sit there in the rain!
(It also doesn't help that I forgot my tripod and remote so it takes 5 times longer!)

I love rain, but when you live in the country and there's a lot of grass everywhere... it's virtually impossible to wear normal shoes without getting your socks soaked. And I hate wet socks!!! So it's gumboots all the way. This was my work outfit, which is actually a tad casual... but ah well. Friday is now casual day.

It's been raining almost non stop for about a month now... and when you live in country Australia... that's very weird. I think there must be some thing about really dry ground getting rained on, that it doesn't absorb it as quickly or something? Because there's been so much run off, and our town dam, which has been 30% full with everyone freaking out, is now overflowing to almost dangerous amounts!

Just to give you an idea, this creek is usually completely dry. Like, I think I always wondered why they even had bridges... and now it's full of running water! Crazy times indeed!

This is my sister's top but I loooove it and want one and... may have accidentally taken it home with me from last time i visited her. I didn't do it on purpose those, honestly.

Skirt: Modcloth, T-shirt: my sisters, Trench: Dotti, Gumboots: Miss Shop, Cardigan: French Kitty

In other news, I have some photos to show you when I get a chance to upload them which I am quite proud of! Can't wait to show them to you all!

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?


Amber Rose said...

As I was reading this, is started pouring. No joke. :)

I feel ya on the photo-shoot dilemma. I never have time, and I misplaced my remote somewhere at my friend's house... Yikes.

You look beautiful, missy, and I hope work was great.

And better hide that shirt from your sister-- it's too adorable!

Rita P. said...

Amazing photos :D
I love your boots and your sister's top!


annierama said...

adorable blog ;)
check out mine !