Sunday, September 5, 2010

Colour Me... Gracie!

Good morning bloggers!

I had quite a good weekend! I sold some things on Etsy, I worked at the cinema (which is good for the bank account), I talked cameras and I pursued several creative endeavours which made me feel SO GOOD!

This one I'll share with you. I did this on Saturday morning (there's nothing like pursuing a creative endeavour on a Saturday morning after a sleep in. Perfect.)

This was inspired by Katie of Color Me Katie (if you haven't seen her blog before then go. now. it must be seen.)
I woke up and didn't have anything to do except clean, so of course I found a way out of cleaning and found some coloured paper and cut out these fun shapes... then played!

I don't know how I managed to be so chipper in all of these photos, it was absolutely exhausting! The amount of jumping I did! Hahaha, I kept on collapsing every 5 minutes from tiredness!

I really love this sort of stuff because it's so fun, and doesn't require the perfect lighting or models either. So expect more to come!

Oh, and incase you were wondering - yes, my t-shirt does have a picture of a man punching a bear.


Amber Rose said...

Jumping IS very exhausting! I love these photos-- Katie would be proud. <3

And PS: I absolutely love your blog-- and you! :)

Love Always,
Amber Rose

Maria said...

I adore these photos!! I want to give it a try, love love LOVE your blog.


Rita P. said...

WOOW I love the photos.. so funny and colorful :D


Barbara said...

oh this are so funny :) great!!

ZEUS said...

hahah awesome shirt, you made ME smile.