Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is a post that's taken a week or so to get around to that I did in collaboration with Steph. It was her idea for her to dress up as a snake and me to dress up as a lion and do a photo shoot! I suppose Steph has always been a big fan snakes and everything that goes along with them. I can't remember why we decided on me as a lion, I'm always doing the 'you're a tiger!' pose and I have a bit of a main of lion-coloured hair... so that's what we went with.

Make-up was done by ourselves (Steph did hers and I did mine...) and costumes are just from our wardrobe...

I found posing really interesting for this shoot. As you would all know, I'm not a model... and it's not like we were actually pretending to be lions or snakes themselves, just... human versions of them! So of course Steph was going for the sly, cunning... eeevviill look, while I was going for the kind of wild crazy thing. But it's kind of hard to harness that without growling and looking like a fool!

[All photos of me are taken by Steph except the first one, all photos of Steph are taken by me!]

I wasn't as happy with my work photographically as I could have been... but I was quite impressed with both of our make-up and outfits. I think it was the location or something, just wasn't gelling with me. But still - it's a bit different eh?

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