Monday, September 27, 2010

alpha shallows

I took photos of my good friend Vinnie last week. I was coming down with a cold when I took them... so there seem to be a lot of blurry ones. But I did get some out of the shoot so that's good!

(I think the one directly above is one of my favourite photos I've taken in a while... there's just something about it!)

In other news, I managed to stupidly hurt my back on the weekend when jumping on the trampoline... silly silly... so the exciting photograph has had a small setback because I can't bend down and standing for too long also hurts! But I have a few shoots planned so hopefully I'll keep it up. I'm feeling very good about myself with all these shoots I'm doing at the moment!

I should also post an outfit shot sometime... hmmm...


Jan said...

Wow some are amazing!
&Looks like you've got great weather that day!

Rosanna said...

I love the sunset one :) x

Zarna said...

good luck with your back i'm sorry you got hurt :((

great photos!


Lady Moriarty said...

These pictures are pretty awesome, but the boy, OMG, he's super cute !

See U !