Thursday, September 30, 2010

A way we can survive these trying times without losing our minds

Well, it seems the day after I started my 365 I decided to stop it! I was really enjoying it but I also wasn't too crazy of the photos and concept behind what I was taking so I've decided to stop it and start again in a month or two when I can gather my thoughts better.

I took some pictures of flowers on the weekend and I like them quite a bit. So, for a Friday afternoon... let's have a spring flower post!

It's a long weekend this weekend! I'm so happy. You have no idea. I want to take a million photos! Only problem is I don't have a million models. In fact... I'm trying to find... one model.

I know it might sound stupid, but the photo I have in mind that I reeeallly want to take requires a certain type of model, and I just can't find her! Pretty much I'm looking for a pale, waif with long blonde hair.
But until I find the waif I'll happily work with everyone!

I love spring for photography... it's like the style I really like is spring ish. Or maybe I'm just intoxicated with the spring air and think it's spring ish. Either way.. hopefully by Tuesday I'll have a load and a half of photos to show you!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

365 project

So I've decided to start my own 365 Project. 
I've been wanting to do it for a while now but various things have been stopping me... so... today is as good as any other day! 

If you haven't heard of the 365 Project, it's basically just a... thing... where you take a photo a day for a year!
It's not supposed to be just a boring photo you take without caring, it's got to be more of a snapshot of your day, or something that you at least put some effort in to.

So, here is #1! 29/09/2010

For some reason Blogger decided to rotate it... but I'm not really bothered fixing it (it's quite a chore)

I guess my goal for my 365 is to improve my photography and also to possibly get some photos that aren't portraits that I may be able to sell as prints or frame or something like that?

If any of you do a 365 I'd love to see it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

alpha shallows

I took photos of my good friend Vinnie last week. I was coming down with a cold when I took them... so there seem to be a lot of blurry ones. But I did get some out of the shoot so that's good!

(I think the one directly above is one of my favourite photos I've taken in a while... there's just something about it!)

In other news, I managed to stupidly hurt my back on the weekend when jumping on the trampoline... silly silly... so the exciting photograph has had a small setback because I can't bend down and standing for too long also hurts! But I have a few shoots planned so hopefully I'll keep it up. I'm feeling very good about myself with all these shoots I'm doing at the moment!

I should also post an outfit shot sometime... hmmm...

Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is a post that's taken a week or so to get around to that I did in collaboration with Steph. It was her idea for her to dress up as a snake and me to dress up as a lion and do a photo shoot! I suppose Steph has always been a big fan snakes and everything that goes along with them. I can't remember why we decided on me as a lion, I'm always doing the 'you're a tiger!' pose and I have a bit of a main of lion-coloured hair... so that's what we went with.

Make-up was done by ourselves (Steph did hers and I did mine...) and costumes are just from our wardrobe...

I found posing really interesting for this shoot. As you would all know, I'm not a model... and it's not like we were actually pretending to be lions or snakes themselves, just... human versions of them! So of course Steph was going for the sly, cunning... eeevviill look, while I was going for the kind of wild crazy thing. But it's kind of hard to harness that without growling and looking like a fool!

[All photos of me are taken by Steph except the first one, all photos of Steph are taken by me!]

I wasn't as happy with my work photographically as I could have been... but I was quite impressed with both of our make-up and outfits. I think it was the location or something, just wasn't gelling with me. But still - it's a bit different eh?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

peach, plum, pear... continued!

I had a few more pictures to post of my photo-shoot with Hanli, here are the first photos if you'd like to see them...

These ones were taken in this old barn we found and the sun had disappeared completely by the time we went in there so it was quite creepy!

In other news, I almost have 50 followers! That's quite a big milestone for me... I'm not sure what I should do to celebrate! Give you all gifts? If only I had the money...

Happy Wednesday! 


Monday, September 20, 2010

this side of the blue

"Svetlana sucks lemons across from me

and I am progressing abominably

And I don't know my own way to the sea

But the saltiest sea knows it's own way to me

The city that turns, turns protracted and slow

and I find myself toeing th'embarcadero 

and I find myself knowing the things that I knew

which is all that you can do on this side of the blue.

And Jamie has eyes black and shiny as boots

and they march at you, two by two, re-loo re-loo

when she looks at you, you know she's no where near through

which is all that you can do on this side of the blue

While across the sky sheet the impossible birds

in a steady, illiterate movement homewards.