Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Speaking of spring...

I'm Spring cleaning! And that means... cleaning out my wardrobe! Some of the things in it are really quite nice and I don't want to just chuck them out, so I thought I'd sell them on eBay to try to get a bit of pocket money out of them (for more clothes?)

Have a look at my eBay here to have a squizz at some of them!

I particularly like...

This pink blazer - if only it fit me!

This pink and grey skirt (a beloved wardobe item from a few years ago)

And this green vietnamese jacket (so summery!)

So have a look, if you want, you may just get a bargain! :)


Milli said...

oh, those look cute

maggeygrace said...

Ohhhh that pink blazer is so cute. Too bad I never fit right into blazers hahah:) Thank you for your comment!