Sunday, August 22, 2010

Partying old school

Good morning friends!
Sorry about my lack of posting, last week was ridiculous and I was either too busy with work or not in the mood to be creative.
But I'm back!

I went to Steph's 21st birthday party on Saturday which was themed 'anachronism' aka 'not from this time'. It was held at this lovely old house in the middle of town on Saturday afternoon and was a tea party (no alcohol - I know!) and we went out on the town afterwards. I took my big camera to the tea party, but unfortunately my flash ran out of batteries so the photos aren't anything special photographically - but I think they're special... in other ways!

I actually didn't grab many photos of Steph on the day because there were more photographers there going to town, and Steph was busy with all of her partying hosting!

(The birthday girl)

One exciting part of the day was that most of my 'old group' of friends from High School were there (minus Kristen unfortunately) and of course... the antics continued as if we haven't been apart for almost three years! This was Todd tying helium balloons to Zoe's hair.

I've talked about jumping photos before - but pretty much I spent the time from when I was 16 to 18 taking photos of people jumping, so we didn't miss out on one of these opportunities! I'm actually pretty impressed with how this one turned out, considering we only had one take and got it perfectly on the first go! Well done jumpers.

That was my outfit, by the way, I went 1940s and curled my hair in... that sort of way, wore my sailor romper from the Upside of Wonder (I think...), and the red lipstick, etc etc.

(A teaspoon needs four balloons to stay off the ground. Fact.)

Some of these photos were taken by Zac, but most by me :)

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Amber Rose said...

That jumping photo is the best one I've seen in a long time! Glad you had fun with your friends! :)