Sunday, August 1, 2010

oh you crawled out of the sea straight into my arms

Hello friends!

I'm in Sydney at the moment, watching Sex and the City with my sister right now actually.
Today we went to Newtown to go shopping (i bought some cool things!)
Then we went on a photographic adventure and took some shots! Then we drove to Ikea which was ridiculously scary (i'm not much of a city driver, you see).
Anyway, here are some shots of mein sister!

(this was our attempt at a Coca Cola ad when we were waiting for our burgers to come at 'Moo Gourmet Burgers'. So good.)

I think this headscarf she wore ruled especially with the big eyes and the hoops.

Incase you were wondering, this was my outfit, well the top half at least (I took photos in the bathroom before we left because the light was really good - haha!)

And I also want to thank you all for the comments I've been getting lately, they've been lovely!


Indigo said...

cute head scarf :) XX

UnoCosa said...

lovely headband ...

Barbara said...

your sister is so pretty!! her headband rocks!

sydneysomething said...


Debbie said...

Your top/dress (from what I see, I'm guessing dress..?) is so cute! love the print :)