Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gracie goes... goth!

This is a part of a new series I'm going to do for my blog called 'Gracie goes...'
I got the idea from Steph who is doing a feature on different stereotypes where she photographs and interviews people that seem to be of a different style or stereotype (are you still doing that Steph?)
Considering I like dress ups so much hahaha, I thought... I could dress up as the ifferent stereotypes! With my own bits of style added to them of course. (It might turn into a bit of a collaboration between Steph and I - perhaps she does her thing and I dress up as my thing :P)
Anyway! So today thanks to Steph's hair, make-up, corset and photography, we have... Goth!

When I was first trying to get some stuff together for my outfit I of course just grabbed all of my black clothes. I grabbed some more things as well, trying to be a bit more creative, like my big purple skirt and generally... solemn looking things... but we just ended up going with this little black dress at first. I actually wore this dress to a Beyonce concert. Oh the irony :p

Of course the whole being blonde thing would normally be the first problem with dressing up as a goth, but we decided to roll with it! It looks almost a bit... glam? I'm not sure.

We didn't actually go anywhere in this garb, I just took photos at Steph's house and then went home and washed it all off because I had to work in the night. If I didn't have to, we would have gone to this 'metal night' that was on in town for a laugh.

One thing I must say is that I don't know how people that dress this way handle all the make-up and hairspray, etc! It was fine during the shoot but I was coughing and splutering and sneezing after I got home :p

And I also want to apologise for the Gracefest in this post, I just liked heaps of the photos, both modelly and photographically so... sorry. :p

And we had an outfit change as well - Steph's bloomers and tank top, with the same corset of hers and some pearls and her parasol!

(Trying to have some attitude?)

Corset: Steph's, Gallery Serpentine

So... there it is. Gracie gone goth. 



Amber Rose said...

I love your take on goth! And by the way, your eyes look absolutely amazing in these pictures!

PS: I'm jealous that you can do the Elvis lip thing.

sydneysomething said...

I don't wanna go on about how much I like them, because as the stylist, director and photographer it would just be far too arrogant, but yeah, you look hawt :P

Roz said...

Great idea for a photo project - what other stereotypes are going to be included? I especially like the parasol ones, they break up the black slightly. Looks like a nice location too.

Thanks for the comment, and for the lovely blog award!