Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog award!

I've won my first blog award! Yippee! It was given to me by Barbara from hello, i'm nice who is so sweet (and, by the way, has the best blog name I think I've ever seen). I love Barbara's blog and you should all go see it.

So, the rules of the award are as so

1. Thank the person who gave you this:

Thanks Barbara, you rule!

2. Copy the graphic of this award to your blog.

As above

3. Pass on this award to 15 other blogs.

Caitlyn of Bees with Feathers
Chloe of Butterfly Cupcakes and Daffodils
Claire from Casual Ambiguity
Roz of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee
Dear Beatrice
Bonnie from Flashes of Style
Iro Iro
Tiffany from Kitten Paws
Milla from The Girl Who Married A Bear
The Stylish Wanderer
What a Nerd Would Wear
Vintage Scientist
Robyn from Twitch Vintage
Vanessa from The Velvet Bird

I sort of did this in a semi-random way because I don't want to be particularly blog-ist or anything :p

4. And lastly, tell the beloved bloggers about their award.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone :)

And thankyou for all the lovely comments!


Maubrey said...

hi, thanks fo visiting and supporting my blog

Pls do add my blog link in your blog lists...In favour let me add yours

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APieceOfCrap said...

Yeas, we have been travelling by train through Europe :)
You should do it !!!

best regards from Sweden :)

Debbie said...

Hey hey congrats on your award! :D

Vintage Scientist said...

thank you so much for the award. your blog is realy cool