Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Speaking of spring...

I'm Spring cleaning! And that means... cleaning out my wardrobe! Some of the things in it are really quite nice and I don't want to just chuck them out, so I thought I'd sell them on eBay to try to get a bit of pocket money out of them (for more clothes?)

Have a look at my eBay here to have a squizz at some of them!

I particularly like...

This pink blazer - if only it fit me!

This pink and grey skirt (a beloved wardobe item from a few years ago)

And this green vietnamese jacket (so summery!)

So have a look, if you want, you may just get a bargain! :)

Spring has sprung!

Today's the first day of spring! Spring is my favourite month, it's perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold), there's that beautiful spring breeze, i can wear pretty dresses, it's so colourful and my birthday is in spring!
Oh and it's the lead up to the festive season, and I can just feel excitement in the air!
Today I spring cleaned my desk at work and I'm still amidst some very extreme cleaning at home.

Also, I took some photos of a blossom tree I found that had started to... blossom!

Happy spring!

The Bruce Hall Singers

Sorry about my lack/bad quality of posting recently, everything has just been very busy and amongst it, whenever I do have time to take photos, it seems to be pouring raining.
I tried to take an outfit shot today but I forgot my remote and tripod and then ran out of time! I'll try again tomorrow.

For now, I leave you with this photo, which is up their with one of my favourite photos I've taken. It was taken at Steph's birthday party, was meant to be a social photo but thanks to the boys, it turned into this MAD band-looking shot!

Thanks boys!


p.s. spring is tomorrow!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ode to the rain

I swear two weeks ago I was frolicing around my town in Spring dresses with cardigans shouting that I could smell Spring in the air.
Well... I can't smell it anymore.

But it's alright, all this freezing cold and rain is just making me want spring even more!

It also makes it really hard to take outfit shots. It's one thing to go out and take photos in the rain, but going out in the rain by yourself and setting your camera up on a tripod is another thing. That's... really not do-able.
So I've had to settle for snapping pictures of my clothes while working.

Today is Daffodil Day in Australia. It's a fundraising day put on by the Cancer Council to raise funds for cancer research as well as to bring hope to those that have been touched by cancer.

I'm off to the Blue Mountains this weekend, hopefully I'll be able to get some good shots while I'm up there!


P.s. don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let all the children boo-gey

Happy Birthday Steph!!!

You are great in many ways and I love ye.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I think it's about time I did another giveaway to thank all the lovely followers and commentors of my blog!

I thought what better to giveaway than one of my handmade letter sets!

To enter the giveaway just follow these easy steps!

1. Visit my shop, GoosieGander
2. Have a look at the lettersets and pick which one you would like
3. Leave a comment below with the letterset you would like the most, who you would write to and an email address if I need it to find you!

The giveaway will finish up in two weeks, on Monday, September 6!

Happy entering!

(Oh, and the competition is open to anyone - Australia or International!)

Partying old school

Good morning friends!
Sorry about my lack of posting, last week was ridiculous and I was either too busy with work or not in the mood to be creative.
But I'm back!

I went to Steph's 21st birthday party on Saturday which was themed 'anachronism' aka 'not from this time'. It was held at this lovely old house in the middle of town on Saturday afternoon and was a tea party (no alcohol - I know!) and we went out on the town afterwards. I took my big camera to the tea party, but unfortunately my flash ran out of batteries so the photos aren't anything special photographically - but I think they're special... in other ways!

I actually didn't grab many photos of Steph on the day because there were more photographers there going to town, and Steph was busy with all of her partying hosting!

(The birthday girl)

One exciting part of the day was that most of my 'old group' of friends from High School were there (minus Kristen unfortunately) and of course... the antics continued as if we haven't been apart for almost three years! This was Todd tying helium balloons to Zoe's hair.

I've talked about jumping photos before - but pretty much I spent the time from when I was 16 to 18 taking photos of people jumping, so we didn't miss out on one of these opportunities! I'm actually pretty impressed with how this one turned out, considering we only had one take and got it perfectly on the first go! Well done jumpers.

That was my outfit, by the way, I went 1940s and curled my hair in... that sort of way, wore my sailor romper from the Upside of Wonder (I think...), and the red lipstick, etc etc.

(A teaspoon needs four balloons to stay off the ground. Fact.)

Some of these photos were taken by Zac, but most by me :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Photography tips: available light

I want to talk some more about light for this post because in my opinion it may just be the #1 thing that affects how your photo turns out. Often your thoughts on a photo are dramatically affected by light without you even realising.

Before I was particularly in to photography, I would scroll through pictures and think that some were good and some were bad – but not actually realise why it was that I thought this.
Sometimes you may be doing a photo shoot with a friend or of yourself and every photo seems to be generally... crap? Well that’s usually got a lot to do with the light.
If you missed out on my last post about photographic lighting then you can read it here.

Today I thought I’d talk about locations that, 90% of the time, are going to work well light-wise.

Inside a room with a window (at daytime)

The light created when your model is inside in a room with a window is really lovely and natural, and it’s one of my favourite locations for light – unfortunately it’s really hard where I live to find nice photographable rooms with big open windows.
One point I should make, is that the window isn’t necessarily meant to be used in the photo. It’s very hard to take a photo with a window in it because the window will be really blown out and your subject will usually end up looking like a silhouette (if that’s the look you’re going for then that’s fine!)
What I mean by a room with a window is more that the window will light the whole room up really nicely without being so harsh that it gives you some nasty shadows. It’s a really nice dappled light effect.

In this photo of Joel, for example, the lighting is really nice and soft which also makes the shadows really soft. Shadows are a good thing in a photo, but they work best if they’re soft and just sort of blend nicely into their surrounds.
In this photo it was an incredibly light room – the window is actually located right behind Joel. My camera settings are aperture f1.8, exposure 1/100sec, ISO 320.
That brings me to another necessity for this sort of location – wide aperture. I had this on f1.8 which is probably almost as low as you can go. If you were trying to shoot on f5.6 you’d have to pump your ISO way up and then the quality would go down or use a flash and the lighting wouldn’t be as nice – but it is do-able if need be.
If you’re a Canon user or thinking of becoming a Canon user then let me introduce you to a good friend of mine.

The Canon EF 50mm f1.8 fixed lens. It is possibly my best camera friend. For its price it has great quality, I use it for almost every photo I take, and it can go to f1.8 and get this... it was only $150!

They’re pretty breakable but when it’s costing you $150, as long as you’re careful, this lens is the best purchase you’ll make if you’re on a bit of a budget.
Finally, feel free to play around with where you place your model. If you place them with the window facing onto one side of them you might get some cool shading (depending on just how bright your room is) and stuff like that. It’s all about experimenting!
In the shade on a sunny day

This one works a lot like the above but has a bit of a different look to it. So basically, it’s a sunny day and you place your model in the shade – but there are a lot of rules to this location, I find, because lots of things can go wrong.

- Make sure the background is shady too. For example, if you sit the person under a tree it probably won’t work because the background will still be in sun so, although the lighting might be alright on your model, you’ll have this big blaring overblown background that will usually ruin the photo. If you’re going to sit them under something shady then it probably has to have a back to it, like under a shady tree that is against a shady fence. I’ve seen this work best in caves, old abandoned shacks and on verandahs.

- Depending on where the sun is, you probably have to get in the shade too. If you’re standing out in the sun taking a photo of someone in the shade then the light might be shining into your camera and then the camera gets confused and underexposes the photos and then everything just goes wrong. You can always do something like hold an umbrella over your camera (or get someone to) if you can’t go in the shade too.
- Make sure your model is facing the un-shaded areas. The whole idea with this effect is that you’re still getting a lot of lighting; you just don’t have to deal with the harsh shadows. You’d be surprised by how much your photo is affected by surrounding light, as opposed to direct light.
So basically, the idea here is that your model is in the shade, but the rest of the sunny world is acting as a giant reflector for your model. See this example below, Katrina who is pictured is sitting in like a open foyer/veranda type thing of a building and she’s facing the big opening – so all the light is filtering in... but it’s dappled, and it really lights her up. Does that make sense? Probably not.

In the second photo which was taken by my friend, Janelle Armytage, the model – Kate – is in the cave, so the entire background is dark, but the outside of the cave is really glary and all the light is shining off the rocks. I think Janelle actually had the added help of someone holding a reflector in this one, but I think the effect would have been similarly good with or without.

Open underground carparks

Okay, this is being a bit more specific and is working on the same principals as the two above – but I just thought I’d put it out there. Underground car parks can be really cool :P If it’s really really dark inside the car park you’re probably doomed for natural light photos, but if you can find one that’s a bit open, like one of those ones that is multileveled but not closed off so they’ve got the big open sides. If you place your model near one of the big open bits then the lighting will be really cool – and don’t forget all the lights in the car park and the general other features like poles, etc.

This is a failed attempt at the car park :p pretty much we weren’t facing a light wall because I didn’t think of that at the time (there’s one right over the other side, should have gone over there) but generally, can you see how it could have been cool? It was a Sunday afternoon so there was no one there, but it had been raining so there were all these puddles that were lit up from the lights and it was just rad. ... remind me to go and try to do that again.

That’s all for now! I’d love to hear any feedback or see any photos that may have been taken using my suggestions, otherwise, does anyone have any questions that you would like me to try to answer?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

GoosieGander shop update

Good afternoon everyone!

It's been probably about two months and I've really been neglecting my shop, so I thought I'd do a little update seeing as I recently put some things up for sale.

These gorgeous brown vintage oxfords are right in with the fashion and perfect if you don't want to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes - these are a good from quality Australian brand as well so they'll probably be comfy and sturdy. I'm selling them for only $US15, but unfortunately the postage from Australia to USA is just shocking. I'll happily send them out there if you're willing to pay the $US40, otherwise, Australians have an extra special look because it's only $10 postage within Australia!

This necklace was quite a find, I've had it sitting in a jewellering box for some now , it was given to me second-hand from either my Grandmother or Aunt, I can't remember, but it's probably around 30 years old.
My dad who knows a lot about jewellery had a good look at it, and turns out it's from a Singapore jewellery brand called RISIS, which is quite popular, and it's coated in 24k gold plate!
It's also kind of nifty because the pendant slides up and down the chain.
I'm selling it for $US40.

And these lettersets are still selling, this vintage gamer one I think is particularly cute - all designs are drawn by me. These are going for $US15

If you want to, have a look at my shop GoosieGander for more one of a kind pieces like this! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gracie goes... goth!

This is a part of a new series I'm going to do for my blog called 'Gracie goes...'
I got the idea from Steph who is doing a feature on different stereotypes where she photographs and interviews people that seem to be of a different style or stereotype (are you still doing that Steph?)
Considering I like dress ups so much hahaha, I thought... I could dress up as the ifferent stereotypes! With my own bits of style added to them of course. (It might turn into a bit of a collaboration between Steph and I - perhaps she does her thing and I dress up as my thing :P)
Anyway! So today thanks to Steph's hair, make-up, corset and photography, we have... Goth!

When I was first trying to get some stuff together for my outfit I of course just grabbed all of my black clothes. I grabbed some more things as well, trying to be a bit more creative, like my big purple skirt and generally... solemn looking things... but we just ended up going with this little black dress at first. I actually wore this dress to a Beyonce concert. Oh the irony :p

Of course the whole being blonde thing would normally be the first problem with dressing up as a goth, but we decided to roll with it! It looks almost a bit... glam? I'm not sure.

We didn't actually go anywhere in this garb, I just took photos at Steph's house and then went home and washed it all off because I had to work in the night. If I didn't have to, we would have gone to this 'metal night' that was on in town for a laugh.

One thing I must say is that I don't know how people that dress this way handle all the make-up and hairspray, etc! It was fine during the shoot but I was coughing and splutering and sneezing after I got home :p

And I also want to apologise for the Gracefest in this post, I just liked heaps of the photos, both modelly and photographically so... sorry. :p

And we had an outfit change as well - Steph's bloomers and tank top, with the same corset of hers and some pearls and her parasol!

(Trying to have some attitude?)

Corset: Steph's, Gallery Serpentine

So... there it is. Gracie gone goth.