Monday, July 12, 2010

Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way.

As I mentioned last post, on Saturday Richard, Rosemary and I (and Steph later on) got together to take some photos. I've been meaning to do some fashion shoots, and I planned for this one to be a bit of a fashion shoot but that failed miserably and it turned into... something completely different. But nonetheless, at least I'm taking photos with more than one person in them, where the photo isn't about the person's personality.

Richard's dad has a huge collection of vintage goods in their attic and we went up there first. So the day pretty much turned into a vintage inspired extravaganza. We were taking pictures at Richard's house which just happens to look like the set of a Jane Austen adaptation.

With the combination of all the props and 'don't be yourself!' comments from me, my strange directions, and the fact that Richard and Rosemary naturally have very theatrical or dramatic personalities, turned the whole thing into a bit of a promo shoot for a theatre play. Haha! But that's alright, another one to put in the portfolio.

(Ridiculous directions from Grace #11: Put on this fur, hold this wine glass, come up into this attic and pretend you're a housewife welcoming people into your home. No, be angrier. No... be less angry. Good.)

After the attic got a bit too hot and dusty for us we headed down to the tennis courts for a game or two, and then I took some pictures.

I think a combination of tiredness, wine and my annoyance with the camera misbehaving made everyone get a bit...


And then we went back to serious.

(kind of?)

And then Steph arrived, but the general non-working of my photos ended up with me lying on the ground snapping pictures without looking at the camera... and then they took it away from me.

(I think this one was taken by Rosemary?)

Generally a good day, I think!

Thanks to Steph, Rosemary and Richard!

P.s. I'm ready Sense and Sensibility at the moment, I've never actually put in a good effort to read Jane Austen before, I always just watch the mini series. Terrible of me, really.


hue said...

The photo of steph was richards doing, haha, i love these photos. how funny

Gracie said...

Oh really? There's one of Richard straight after that's exactly the same! Haha, swapsies.
I enjoy them a lot too, these are hilarious :D

Hue said...

Hmm maybe it was me. I just recall lying on the ground feeling wet :p erm but yes. They are so funny, the tennis ones, brilliant! so good, richard is so funny in them, bahaha, ye olde fancy man :p

must stop using emoticons :P :P :P :P

sydneysomething said...

haha they're so awesome.

Robyn said...

Those badminton photos made my day.

Daphne said...

oh my gosh, I love your blog.:)

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Haha, love the pictures! and thanks for the sweet comments :)

Elaine said...

These are amazing!!! They really do look like a promo for a Jane Austen movie :D

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