Thursday, July 8, 2010

roll-up, roll-up!

Goood afternoon friends.

It's 2.40pm here and it feels like a summer day! I'm wearing short sleeves! Ah my gosh!

I took an outfit shot today purely because I was wearing something slightly more exciting than the drab crud I've been wearing all week and decided I just needed to have a outfit post of anything. So here is my anything.

I actually like this outfit a lot for work, I just wish I'd worn make-up and done my hair today, haha!

These are taken in my office during lunchtime when no one was here except me.

(excuse the cleavage, I wasn't going to post this one but I liked the photo other than all the cleavage :p)

This is one of those jackets that you see and you go 'I must have that' but then you think... no... that's silly. It's far too dramatic and ridiculous.

And then you buy it and love it.

Jacket: Bardot, $40 ish = bargain!
Dress: Miss Shop
Shoes: Planet Shoes = so comfy!

I was also bored during lunchtime so I decided to use this silly program I downloaded for fun like a year ago on one of my photos. It's called Portrait Professional 9 (I have the trial version, hence why I have a big TRIAL written over my forehead).
Pretty much it's an automated airbrushing program where you just line all the lines up with the lines of your face and then it... does things. You can choose to make your lips bigger or eyes bigger or skin tanner etc etc, it's quite hilarious.
When you first line the lines up with your face they decide what they think should be done to your face, and it's quite an insight! Hahaha. They made my jaw smaller and my lips smaller?
Anyway, I've airbrushed pictures of myself plenty of times in the past, but this is just a bit of a laugh :p

The one tool I really do like on it is the hair smoothing tool, I don't know how it does it and it didn't work that well in this one, but it makes your hair look like it's out of a pantene ad!

In other news, I have joined a gym (shock horror!!!) and I'm doing this 'weight management plan' as part of the gym - very exciting, I'm actually following a book and calorie counting (in a way) for the first time ever! It's a good weight management thing though because I only have to calorie count for a month. But I am really hungry right now.
There are these 'free foods' that I'm allowed to eat as much as I want as often as I want, like cucumber, carrot, celery, cabbage (c foods) so I will have to stock up on them.
Hopefully I will be looking trim taught and terrific in no time!

When I started at this gym they made me do a 'body fat percentage' test where you just hold your thumbs on this machine or something. Anyway, verdict? 34.5% body fat - in the chart that is rated as VERY POOR the worst one on the chart! Arrrrggghhhh! Hahaha, I always knew I was a fatty even if people disagreed.
Anyway, good knews it I'm trying to get rid of it, so that's a help.

(If you're reading this Steph, the 'roll-up, roll-up' comment was in meant in a fatty way :p)

Off to eat some cabbage.



sydneysomething said...

hahahahaha Oh you know me too well :P

Good on your for being do health conscious.

Harriet said...

That tool sounds really interesting. I go back and forth on airbrushing. Obviously there's the whole magazines giving women unrealistic role models etc etc, but then, is it any different to taking a million photos and deleting the ones you don't like?!