Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rockin til the break of day

Hello all!

I'm back from Sydney, wooo, so tired. My weekend was good, much walking and looking at things and learning about learning. Vague = I'll explain later.

I did make some exciting purchases which will be feature over the next few weeks, huzzah!

I also finally bought The Sartorialist book and after looking through it all decided... several things.
a. whenever I'm in a big city like Sydney I'm just going to have to look outstanding because of my secret want to be photographed Scott Schuman even know I know how ridiculously unlikely that is especially because when I'm in Sydney I usually look like more of a hag than usual
b. as much as I really like the book and the blog, I had a few issues. The first being that there was only one picture of a woman that was heavier, and she was about 60-ish. He went on next to her picture about how size etc shouldn't effect people's fashion sense and style, yet every girl that was in the book was ridiculously thin. I couldn't help but find that when he talking about how fashion is for everyone (including the girl on the cover who has a limp because one of her legs is drastically shorter than the other) yet the book was mostly filled with women who looked like they should be on the catwalk.
I just don't find it very encouraging for the sort of women and teenage girls that are going to be looking through the book, some of them a bit bigger or curvier, and they have no one to relate to in there except a 60-year-old eccentric.
(In saying that, the book was released a bit ago, he's probably compensated for that but I'm just a bit behind in the times!)
c. this is less of a criticism and more of a... how it doesn't quite relate to me thing. (Nice wording there Grace). Scott says in the book how it's a documentation of all style, rich to poor, and he's right there is a large range... but it's mostly people wearing italian tailored suits or Prada. It really is a style file as told by a man very high in the fashion world in America.
In saying that, it's hard to be completely objective, if I was doing street photography I would have a particular focus and so would everyone. But I just thought I'd point that out.
d. in saying all that, I still really like the book because it's a bit of a style file and I plan on using it to help me when I don't know what to wear in the morning. Open up a random page and get inspired!

What does everyone else think of the Sartorialist?

Anyway, enough ranting! After Steph's make-up related blog post yesterday I decided to try and do a minimalist version of it today for work. It was a bit of a failure, it seems 10 minutes isn't enough to do exessive eye makue-up and my eyeshadow stays on for about 30 minutes before it all fades off.
Anyway, so I thought I would a. show my terrible attempt at more eyeshadow, and b. show my new beanie! I always like it when Steph wears her beanies with a lot of eye make up so I thought I'd give it a try.
I would like to point out though, my eyes are quite set back in my head so I have to half close my eyes and raise my eyebrows to even see any eye make-up I have on!

Beanie from Sportsgirl

(Steph you're probably looking at these going... what's Grace talking about, she doesn't have any eyeshadow on. It was a petty attempt. I'll try harder next time :p)

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sydneysomething said...

Yeah 10 minutes isn't really long enough :P

Seriously?! 30 minutes?! What are you using, cat droppings? :P Maybe you just don't put enough on or something :P

Yeah, I can't see any eyeshadow, just liquid eyeliner :P Maybe I can do your eyes one day :P

Love that beanie btw, I love it when you wear red; look like such a saucy minx. ;)